Monday, 9 March 2009


I had a surprise package in the post today........ a pair of Fiskars scissors with green & pink coloured handles. The problem is I don't remember why I might have got them!!! I signed up to the Fiskarettes blog some time ago but for the life of me I don't really remember..... (perhaps they were giving the scissors away if you joined?)............I barely have time to post to my own blog never mind anywhere else. I thought the least I could do would be to display their blog banner on my side bar...........I wonder if they could design a slightly less blingy one for me?

I was lucky enough to win a wodge of Fiskars goodies a few years back (2005 Fiskars category winner) in "Simply Cards & Papercraft" magazine competition and here is the card that I won with. The woven background, cut with some Fiskars shapes scissors, was a real pain to get right and my "style" has definately changed.........for the better I hope? I certainly would not have had the nerve to send it in for this years competition, there a things that need changing on it most certainly......... Although I still like my bird house design and the cloth padded hearts I made from scratch.

There isn't a project I make that does not include one of their products somewhere in the process as the wodge of things included a pair of scissors that have a non-stick coating that are great for cutting double sided tape as the glue residue easily comes off the blades. .........not something I would have bought myself but as I have road tested them for 3 years I can highly recommend them. I have just tried the funky ones received today and they are great quality too......obviously not a cheapo freebie giveaway promo item..........having said that I do hope Fiskars don't expect me to rave on about their stuff on this blog because quite frankly it ain't going to happen on a regular basis because

a) I am not on any design teams so

b) I do not have any agenda's to keep to and

c) I do not work in the craft industry which means that

d) My job does not depend on it and

e) I do not own a business that sells Fiskars products!

When I feel the need to mention something......I will.........but one pair of free scissors does not a mouthpiece for Fiskars make. Sorry if this offends anyone but the blurb that came with the scissors was a bit OTT and quite frankly it got my back up!

P.S. I suppose that means I won't be offered any jobs with Fiskars in the near future then!!!

Hope you have a crafty day (with or without Fiskars products).

Excuse the rant today I'm having a red hair moment!! :))))

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  1. So sorry but I have to post a comment on this one cos I can't keep my mouth shut! I'm really pleased you aren't going to promote Fiskars willy nilly. I, too have the non-stick scissors, though I also have some Tim Holtz Non stick scissors - two different types - which are easier to use because of their shape and size, but they're all good for mounting stamps. Other than that, I had to sell all Fiskars stuff off really cheaply because it was constantly being returned - broken or not working. Shame, they have some great ideas but really do need to get their Quality Control sorted out.


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