Tuesday 17 October 2023

Try it on Tuesday

 Halloween for Try it on Tuesday

OMG! Do you know when was the last challenge I entered?
9th March 2016! Whaaaaat!
And it was for Try it on Tuesday….spooooooky! 😂

Been too long. But a combination of trying to earn a living and being in constant pain for the past 3 years put paid to many things.

Anyhoo, still working but not for as many days and thankfully my pain, which was predominantly from rotator cuff injuries to both arms (one following on from the other) has ceased….hallelujah!

Smootched background of Paperartsy Fresco Paints with stamped images from Paperartsy, Stampotique and T!m Holtz.

Thanks for looking and happy stamping :)

xoxo Sioux

Shall We Reminisce?

Shall We Reminisce? 1

Being awol for four and a bit years means there is quite a lot of arty stuff that has not been shared here!
Mmmmm…shall we revisit some of my favourite makes over the coming months?
Apologies to those who may have already seen some of these on Facebook or Instagram, although not all of them will have appeared there…let’s call it a little catch up series 🥰

This was part of Sketchbook Revival run by Karen Abend…I find it very inspirational.
Always something to help unblock ones negative beliefs!
I’m definitely full of negative beliefs, especially when it comes to my own drawing/painting skills…
I just can’t help it…even though I more often than not end up with a piece I’m pleased with, I have this unfounded feeling that whatever I do will be rubbish so what’s the point of wasting my time! Crazy huh?

Again from the same year 2018 at Sketchbook Revival…

This was an exercise focusing on perspective lines in buildings, whilst some of mine are a little off, I’m O.K. with the added quirkiness:)
Pen and watercolour on watercolour paper.
Thanks for looking…enjoy your art journey.
xoxo Sioux

Sunday 15 October 2023

This was my place!


This used to be my place!

I don’t mean the little cottage in my junk journal, I mean here here…on Blogger!
Things happened, mainly Blogger not playing ball with my iPad and iPhone, but also relocating and then moving back to our original house in early 2019 after 2 years. I missed being in the place I love best, Brixham.
 Obviously it’s now 2023 and four and a half years have passed…but I’m coming home, home to Blogger 😉
Things will be different as my art practice has evolved into much more than the stamping, although it won’t be abandoned altogether 😊.
I’ll be sharing an eclectic mix which hopefully won’t be too disjointed and always from an artistic view point.

xoxo Sioux

P.S. the little cottage journal page was done with water soluble neocolours II and pastels on brown wrapping paper. Based on a view from the “Café Cùil” near Carbost on Skye.
The colours on the hillside were gorgeous that day, with just the right light, although perhaps my iPhone didn’t quite capture what I saw.

If you are ever in the area it’s a funky place serving tasty food and drink.

Wednesday 6 February 2019

G+ ?

I see that Google are giving up on the Google + business.
I never did see the point of it myself!!
Must be a pain for those that chose to go with it though.
xoxo Sioux 

Friday 18 January 2019

Beyond Astonished!

As the title says I am actually beyond astonished....
I gave up long ago trying to use my IPad to post on blogger, it just didn’t work and the word was that Blogger was not even trying to update to work in conjunction with Apple devices!
I discover by accident today that everything seems to be an effortless, seamless working blog!!!
And I have  been able to comment on blogs without continually having to sign in and/or loosing my own page on a tab as the links to a blog now seem to be opening in a new tab as does the comment pages!! Wow!
Not been part of blog land for so long (I simply don’t sit at my main computer screen anymore).

I have been using Facebook but it’s not the same.
I’ll leave you with a collage page  I made not long ago...OMG! I can even access my camera roll to add photos......beyond astonished 😧 


Thanks for looking and happy stamping folks...
xoxo Sioux

Friday 2 February 2018

Family Matters

The past couple of days have been spent making a tag again (amongst other design projects).
One of the reasons it's been a bit time consuming is because I've decided to make my own "Found Relatives/Paper Dolls" (thanks for the inspiration for that Pam)...I want to use some of my old photo's of relatives and start a sort of family tree/memory book with them! Well...that's the loose plan if there is such a thing as a plan! LOL

I started by scanning a photo of two of my cousins (both deceased some time ago), touching up some dust/scratch marks and then printed out on photo paper and cut out....I will go back and digitally cut them out when I'm in the mood! ;)

I replaced the wheel they were perched on with a Tim Holtz image I stamped onto old french book pages and cut out....repeating this in the top corner with one of his smaller images. The ticket was stamped onto a bit of scrap card previously inked at some point and fastened to the tag with a brad bought many moons ago...might as well start using my stash instead of hoarding it for a change! ROFL
The background of the tag was Dylusions sprays in turquise, lemon and pink.

I made my own word fragments and gave them the "epoxy" look with glossy accents.
n.b. I have no idea if they were buddies or simply putting on a brave face for the camera! :)

Thanks for looking and happy stamping!
xoxo Sioux