Tuesday, 28 April 2009

My Guy Is Back!

There is no denying.....well not to me anyways..............that Robin Hood on Saturdays is just not the same without Guy of Gisborne aka Richard Armitage..........If Guy goes I go!!!!!!!!

Guy of Gisborne
But for now hurrah..........he was back last Saturday...........and just in case it is really true that both he and the sherriff are leaving I have had a bit of fun with my Serif programme and am posting the wanted picture on my side bar as a bit of eye candy for the future.

Ooh! It's like putting posters on your bedroom wall..........fun, fun, fun. Who did you have on your bedroom wall? I had mainly western wanted posters (no surprise there then!).....and movie/TV stars who played cowboys like Paul Newman, Pete Duel & Ben Murphy.


  1. There's a memory...Pete Duel! I remember when he died on a Christmas Eve many moons ago. Alias Smith & Jones was obligatory tv and I had the big poster of them both too! Lindsay x

  2. *gasp* NICE pic of him! *sigh* I still need to catch up on the second season, loved the first! Loved him in North & South.

  3. Yummy! Might have to pinch that pic! I kept the clip of him with his shirt off, talking to Marion, that was on points of view, for ages, and watched it over & over! Sigh! Lol!
    Alison x


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