Saturday, 18 February 2012

A date with Destiny!

So you saw yesterday's T!m inspired tag for 12 tags of 2012?

I then made a journal page for it to sit on and as you can see I'm still trying to "get over" deal with the death of my DH....some days it just hits you when I had a bit of a weep when my financial adviser was round on Thursday to get me a better mortgage deal sorted out...all because....wait for it....
...we were talking about him and Pip sharing the same barber!!!
I mean what ever is it?! LOL

Anyway I felt the need to express some crappy feelings on this page.....did not want to use much in the way of my own writing as a focal point so made word fragments out of a number of T!m sentiment stamps...must try and remember to do that again 'cos I like it!

I'm linking this to Linda's Grungy Monday for this week where Simon Says Stamp are sponsoring a prize of $25.00...

...I did not like Valentines day at all this year for some reason! Was never a big issue when Pip was alive so why it became an issue on Tuesday is any ones guess!!! LOL

Also managing to link this to Simon Says Stamp and Show challenge where anything goes.... where again Simon Says Stamp are generously sponsoring a prize to the tune of $50.00 :)

Thanks for looking

P.S. Want to know what the wording round the skellibob is?
Promise not to get all concerned for me?

You have to say yes before you read on........

I just needed to write "Why did you have to die? Why did you have to die and leave me on my own? Why are some days so hard?

I should have added
"Why did you come back a fortnight later and take the bloody cat with you as well"
...............but I didn't!!! LOL
For those of you new here....yes, unbelievable but true.....our beloved cat died a fortnight to the day after Pip......within minutes of the exact time was scary at the time.
xoxo Sioux


  1. Hi; the beauty of art journalling is of being your space to express and then choosing whether to share or not. I can imagine how difficult it must be still for you; and it's sometimes the silly little things that act as a trigger! I think that you page came out very well and I was looking at one of my word stamps just yesterday and wondering if I could cut them up to make a new sentence and there you go and beat me to it! It looks great.

  2. Hugs to you Hun, not even begining to knowing how hard it is for you

  3. Sioux, the page is great and I hope it helped you putting your feelings down on the page - it must be so difficult. I agree with Neil, it's the silly little things that get you - things that you normally wouldn't give a second's thought. Much love to you, open the Cava!! Have a good weekend.

  4. I always wonder why they say 'life's a bitch' and never 'life's a dog', after all, it's usually the men that cause all the trouble!!
    Big Hugs Joanne xxxx

  5. Oh I love being able to get my feelings out in a journal - good for you, Sioux. It can't be easy and of course we're going to be all concerned but most of us realise that it's a matter of time. I doubt you'll ever get over losing Pip but I hope the pain will become more bearable. That's what one of my friends in the same situation says. Big hugs - you're loved much more than you realise! xxx

  6. Valentine's day isn't important are, and you should feel free to express through your art anything you want. I know many people who will be shouting exactly the same things on these "special" dates. Love and hugs :D XXX
    oh and I love the skeleton :)

  7. Woww te a quedado realmente bonito!!! Me encanta....

  8. This is a great take on Tim's tag, and like others, I hope that putting your feelings down on the page in that way must have helped a little. The Design Team are really pleased that you joined us for the Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge this week - Thank you!


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