Friday, 5 August 2011

A Paris List

I'm back from Paris!
Before I went I listed 10 big things I would not want to miss.
Some of them are very simple pleasures and not necessarily in any order.
1. Walk along the Seine
(perhaps see where Gene Kelly danced with Leslie Caron in "An American in Paris")
...I swear I saw the very spot under the bridge! :)

Please don't shatter my dreams and tell me it was filmed on a lot in Hollywood!!!
2. Walk in the Tuileries Garden
Very French......with very expensive coffee at one of the cafes.

....but a perfect one none the less! I'm always searching for THE perfect one! :)
3. See the Eiffel Tower
Far too many people and it rained!

...but still beautiful :)
4. Walk along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées
Far too expensive and not a chic person in sight!

...too many of us pleb tourists!!! :(
5. See the whole of Montmarte (obviously seeing as our hotel was there)
This area is a delight.....all the artistic history, old buildings and narrow streets.

....however....the Place du Tertre is full of lousy art in the main.
.....if ever there was a tourist trap this is it. :(
6. See the Impressionist paintings at the Musée d'Orsay
This was THE highlight for me...although no photo's allowed! :(

...heart stoppingly the top floor (where we headed first for the Impressionists) was closed for renovations...Yikes!!
...thankfully the paintings (I have to assume most of them) had been temporarily re-hung on the ground floor.
PHEW! :)
7. Visit the Cimetière de Montmartre
Ran out of time on the last morning to get to the far side of the cemetery to see the resting place of Degas :(
....however we had already visited the other big cemetery Père Lachaise :)

....Oscar Wilde's was a bit of a shock to me....not what I expected and covered in graffiti!
8. Visit a street market (food and/or antique)
In the end the only thing that did not happen was the street market thing...hey ho!
9. Visit Notre Dame de Paris
...I overheard a youngish American boy (16 or 17 perhaps) say to his dad
" Are these real or reproductions?"

Mmmm? What can you do but have a giggle at that one!! :)
10. Enjoy the cafe culture :)

I took 455 photo's.....I don't want to bore you but would you like to see a little more? LOL
xoxo Sioux


  1. yes please, would love to see more pictures. I miss France, and love Paris. Sounds like you had a good time. I did laugh at the Notre Dame thing.
    Thanks for sharing those.

  2. Yes please, all 455 of them..... that will take some uploading!!
    So glad you enjoyed your trip to Paris - would love to go.... ah, one day!!

  3. ALL of them, all of them.
    Hugs Joanne xxxxx

  4. Gosh, I used to live in the Parisian suburbs but you've seen far more detail than I ever did, lol. I love Paris, though and will be travelling through it on Tuesday, but will be going to the end of the RER line, so won't see much this time. May just make sure I have a little time to spare on the way back. Sounds as if you had a lovely time - good, I'm glad. It really does have its own, unique atmosphere, ooesn't it? More photos, pretty please :-)

  5. Wow! You did fit a lot in! Great photos, thanks for sharing! Maybe I'll post a few pics of Florence, far too many people there for my liking! xx

  6. A little more?!! A lot more please...I love Paris and it's going to be a long while before I can go again! Seeing your pics has made me determined to start saving ....your first pic is one of my favourite places...ever!!
    So glad you had a good time, Chrisx


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