Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ghost in the Machine - 4th grungy book page!

I read somewhere once (I'm almost sure it was in a Robert Goddard novel) that in the early days of photography people had the notion that there really were ghosts in the camera!
So that was my thought process in achieving this page and I apologise right now to those who do not like don't mind them
....but I can see how this little lot could seriously freak you out! LOL
....did I ever tell you we lived for a time at a circus winter quarters in Newport Pagnell when I was little? My mum and dad ran a transport cafe there for the owners of the circus.
Just thought I'd throw that in!!! LOL

I swooshed DI's pumice stone and scattered straw onto the background
....stamped the T!m clowns in Archival coffee and masked them
....stamped the small grungy alphabet (my own) in Archival black
.....printed off an image of a camera lens front and cut out
.....stamped the T!m eye onto white card, coloured the iris blue and stuck this behind the lens
......filled with sepia Glossy Accents and left the eyeball uncovered
.....stamped the T!m ticket onto some inky DI background and tattered up a bit
....the word spooky is a Paperartsy alphabet filled in with Adirondack Dimensional acrylic wild plum and a metal book corner was added at the bottom
Thanks for looking and happy stamping
xoxo Sioux
P.S. That makes 4 down and 5 to get cracking then!!!!
P.P.S. Just noticed that the S on the banner and part of the ticket will probably get in the way of the binding!! Hey ho...Heather will just have to chop through it I suppose...sorry Heather.


  1. Fantastic Sioux. Your techniques are superb.
    Luv Joanne xx

  2. Love this, Sioux. I've read that about ghosts in cameras too - but I like Goddard, so perhaps it was in one of those. The camera looks wonderful. Not a fan of the Tim clowns, though others don't bother me at all, but I love the effect you've achieved here.

  3. Another lovely page. They are kind of spooky clowns, though I don't have a "thing" about them either! Love the snippets about your childhood!

  4. wow...what an amazing mix of images....I love the thought process that goes behind your fabulous creations! and the way you have done the eye is just stunning! Hugs Juls

  5. Hi Sioux, I really love this page, and the idea behind it. I think this page flummoxed quite a few of us, so hats off to you for having a great idea. Yep, those freaky Tim clowns (the clowns, not Tim!) give me the heeby jeebie's too! I wouldn't worry about the side of the page thing...I think nearly all of mine have bits where they weren't supposed to be, as I just kept getting carried away! Lindsay x

  6. Fabulous page love your take on the theme. Have seen all Hilda's now and 4 of yours there are going to be 9 awesome books lucky swappers. xx Zoe

  7. Love the eye through the lens, very clever idea and I love that alphabet. Tracy Evans x

  8. Its truly stunning, Annette x


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