Monday, 18 August 2014

Your Desire

Today is Mr B's mums 80th Birthday!

She is having more celebrations than the Queen ;) and why not? :)
Friday was lunch with friends
Saturday  - a family get together just outside Salcombe hosted by her sister
Sunday - cake after the service at church followed by Sunday lunch at her favourite pub
Today - an afternoon celebration hosted by friends
Tuesday sees the end of the party season after celebrating with her brother and his wife :)
Crikey I feel fair worn out just reading that little lot back!!! LOL

Mr B and I just could not come up with the right present until we hit on the idea of taking her to the theatre as she rarely goes these days because of transport issues.
We searched the listings for the theatre in Plymouth but could not find anything that she would I made a "Promise of Intent" card instead!

This was inspired by
I haven't used vellum for some time even though I have a stash of pretty lush ones hanging know how it is!!! ROFL

Happy Birthday MUM :)
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux

Friday, 11 July 2014

Home Sweet Home - Rule of 3

Moving to a new home is an exciting time.
Here is a card to celebrate my step son and his girlfriend moving to theirs.
Yikes....a step son! ;) how fab :)

Like the last card I posted it uses just three different stamps and I repeated one of the images three times!.......Simples :)

House from a firm called Home Impressions (Dutch)....unfortunately it looks like they no longer exist as I have been searching and not found them....even followed a very old link but to no avail!!!! Stamped three times in Distress mustard seed, faded jeans and peeled paint....the circular window coloured with the same ink using a cotton bud to smear it on ;)
Home Sweet Home also from Home Impressions stamped in Archival black.
Sentiment on the edge from The Artistic Stamper stamped in Archival crimson.

Seeing as it's summer and I've used summery colours I'm entering it in Try it on Tuesday.
(Except the link thing won't load a photo for me at the minute!....will try tomorrow)
Thanks for looking and happy stamping.
xoxo Sioux 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Simply Happy Birthday

A card for my friend. ;)

Simply three stamps stamped onto textured card stock for a bit of extra effect.

Emily (large) from Stamp Francisco stamped in Distress weathered wood.
Just Sayin' from Paperartsy stamped in Archival crimson.
Happy Birthday from Hero Arts stamped three times in Distress mustard seed, faded jeans and peeled paint.
Edged with a gold marker pen.

Thanks for looking and happy stamping.
xoxo Sioux

Friday, 20 June 2014

You thought it was all over? some more photo's to share of Florence...
...just when you thought it was all over too!!!! LOL

A little selection of images that did not make it on the daily diary posts!

Mr B looking more Italian by the day lol!

 Scrummy creme caramel

Cafe Danonni

Images that needed sharing....;)

 is what you think it is.....oooh! Those Etruscans!!! ROFL

That's all folks...

xoxo Sioux

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Honeymoon in Florence - Day 7

Our last hooo!

Breakfast on the terrace...hurrah!

A day to wander around the market...

Dried mushrooms and sun dried toms ;)

Wonderful veg :)

Fresh pasta sold by weight.

Just had to stop at the coffee bar....cheapest coffee of the holiday :)

We bought a variety of pasta to bring home...

Olive oil, wine, grappa, vin santo and chocolate ;)

It seemed rude to leave Florence without visiting the Dante museum...

Or the little medieval church where Beatrice is buried.


...time for lunch at Il Ristoro...just up the street from our hotel ;)

Wild boar pasta...


Cheese selection with honey and pear chutneys...

We lingered by the Arno...

Had another gelato...well you have to don't you?! LOL

One more beer...

We decided to revisit the upmarket Golden View again for our last evening meal
we did not book but as it was Tuesday it was not so busy and we managed to snag a table by the window....result!

The view.....sigh!

Mr B's Seafood soup starter....delicious

My hake....delicious

Mr B's Tuna....generous portion but a little too rare even for him ;(

Tiramisu for Mr B...scrummy

Crème brûlée for me...scrummy

Grappa to end the meal and Mr B checking his watch...what for?

To check if there would be time to fit in one last gelato of course!!! ROFL

These whoppers cost a small fortune!
It was quite late by now...about 11 and the lady suggested we sit down at a table to enjoy them...we were the only ones there eating gelato at that time of night....not surprising really!
She was so impressed we finished the lot she gave us two complimentary vin santo's!!!

Thanks for sharing the wonder of Florence with us...we had a great time...
...hope you did too :)

xoxo Sioux