Thursday, 21 May 2015

IW #10 the joy of art

Inspiration Wednesday 10 done and dusted.

Although limited supplies 'cos I'm on holiday, it's turned out O.K.!
The squiggly writing says "Art is a subjective thing, unless we try we will never know the joy it can bring"

Page before the black and white added.

Rear of inclusion

Front of inclusion.
Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Take a butterfly die!

It's our first wedding anniversary today......all say aaah! ;)
Seeing as your first wedding anniversary is associated with paper I made my honeybee something :)

Butterflies cut from maps of some of the special places we have been to in this first year of marriage.

Framed in a shadow box.

"near or far I love being where you are"

Love loving you honeybee.

xoxo Sioux

Sunday, 10 May 2015

A bit of colour ;)

I brought my bouganvilla into the house this winter instead of overwintering in the greenhouse and it's done ever so well.
I thought it was a goner actually when I first put it on the kitchen window sill.

It looks even more striking up next to the green of the basil leaves.

It's really uplifting to see it's cheery colour each it.

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux

Thursday, 7 May 2015

12 Tags of 2015 May

Well, well,'s three in a row at 12 tags for me :)
It comes in handy just having had a bank holiday weekend to play!
Here is my entry for 12 Tags of 2015 May.

My mum was called May so it was perfect to include her on the May tag ;)
I made a photo of her from 1929 (she was about 13/14) into a look alike T!m type photo.

Did not have the flower dies so made an attempt at making my own...however they are a bit on the large size and it will not fit in a worn cover sleeve ;)

Did not have the chit chat stickers but it's a simple job on the computer to make something similar.

Even if I do say so.....I really like the way this turned out.
Bet my mother never dreamed what would happen in her life....not least of which was moving house approximately 50 times....due in the main to my dad's job!

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux
P.S. Thank you all for the congrats on a win in last months 12 tags...looking forward to those goodies ;)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Paint spray? It's brill!

To say my dress form had been in the elements for the past 3 years (and a bit), it had stood up to it pretty well.
Most of it turned out to have been made from galvanised metal so not much rust apart from this scroll work bit that was obviously made from something completely different!
Why make that bit not galvanised I asked myself?!!!

Anyway I got the majority of it back to a good surface and the spray paint did the rest...

...I even managed to avoid spraying myself although the surrounding area did get a fine covering...

...good job it's not a problem as we have some ongoing work...but afraid it is not going to be anywhere near finished for some time yet!

The dress form is now in the green house to avoid the worst of the weather and to let the paint really harden up a bit (it's not been nice at all over the bank holiday weekend here) and you can see in the background the tarpaulin at least has been removed now ;)

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux

Monday, 4 May 2015

IW 9 Man in Black!

Had some fun again for the ninth Inspiration Wednesday.

Did not have a face stencil so I made my own :)
Wasn't prepared to spend extra money on some special medium that, when painted over gesso, makes watered down acrylic react like watercolours....I just attached some watercolour paper to the pages and hoped for the best, in the end it was not quite a watercolour reaction...why I did not just use watercolours I don't know! ;) lol

Front of inclusion

Back of inclusion

What did I learn this time?
1. Love the contrast between the colourful side and the dark side! ROFL

2. I need to make more of my own stencils.

Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux
P.S. I've been trying to get this published via my phone but it wasn't having it! It's been saying it's publishing it for over 40 mins!!!
I am off out to meet my honey (it's the second anniversary of our meeting each other ;))
I'll sort it when I get back if there are two posts!!!!

Friday, 1 May 2015

IW First stage

Inspiration Wednesday number 8 9!.
I don't think I can give this the time it deserves until the weekend!
However, I have made a start on making a stencil of a face as I don't possess any face stencils!

This is something I have been meaning to do for a while ;)
I wish I could cut the image I did more intricately (I had to simplify it somewhat) but my scalpel knife won't allow it!!! LOL

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Spanish Tortilla

Thought I'd share this as there is no crafting on the horizon until later today for the release of the next Inspiration Wednesday ;)

Here at the Ball house we love veggies, so we decided to try out Riverford Farm boxes.
We have had them for three weeks now and have had no trouble in finishing the great contents of a large box before the next delivery is due :)
Here is a Spanish tortilla I made the other day with a lime & olive oil dressed salad.
(all from the box)
An orange mustard from the Austrian leg of our honeymoon finished it off nicely :)

My scrummy honey thought it was scrummy and so did I :)
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux

Friday, 24 April 2015

12 Tags of 2015 April

Wow! Two months in a row at 12 Tags of 2015!
I wanted to play along with this and inevitably I just had to get that flower set!!! lol

I used a manilla tag for the base as I did not have any kraft ones.

None of the chunky word dies but I do have the individual 1" letters so I can make any word I fancy....that's what I call a bargain!
Don't think I've mastered the colouring effect with the pens (I prefer using the ink pads) but I do like the splatter effect you get with the air brush :)

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux

Monday, 20 April 2015

IW #8 Searching for the answer!

The eighth Inspiration Wednesday. is done.

I had been hoarding the wooden letters for use in what heaven only knows!
Just for good measure I added some hoarded wooden star shapes too! lol :)
Front of inclusion...

Back of inclusion...

I did love the old series on the BBC of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy ;)

This time round I learnt...
1. It's good to use some of those things we hoard!
2. It's also not a bad idea to buy two of something if it only cost you 99p (there was only one of each letter of the alphabet in the pack...not much chance of making something else that makes sense from what is left!!) rofl
3. I like building up the layers of texture and paint ;)

4. If you have not got many colours of Golden acrylic like me, Ranger Adirondack dimensional acrylic (it's pearlescent) works well in conjunction with the gesso as a sort of wash...
...don't think they make it any more but I've got a stash hoard of one bottle of each colour ;)

Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux

Thursday, 16 April 2015

A spot of paint spraying!

Morning folks!
I've bought two cans of aerosol spray paint....although I do not intend to become the next Banksie!

...afraid this needs a touch's looking a bit sorry for itself ;)

It's not done too badly really, as it was not sold as something to stay out in the garden, but that is exactly where it has been for the past 3 years!
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux

Friday, 10 April 2015

My Heart Yearned For

It's been some time but I'm playing at the Stampotique challenge this week (SDC 190) where the theme is "Use Stitches".

My sewing machine had a bit of a blip and instead of a zig zag it did this below....obviously the tension decided to slacken/tighten of it's own accord! However, because I used different coloured thread top and bottom, I like that it adds to the quirkiness.  ;)

Background used distress cool that it collected in one spot in a heart shape!
Could not have done that if I'd tried!! Lol

Heart throb coloured with Distress inks too.

My heart throb will be using this as a book mark ;)
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Dragons Dream 188 "A rainbow of colours"

I was not totally happy with the T!m background I created for March so when I saw the theme here I knew it was an opportunity to try and improve it ;)
It has been joyful to be able to spend today making this work....time to play :)

Background uses Distress Paints. A Chocolate Baroque heart/wing stamped and embossed in gold. Coloured over with Distress pens in scattered straw, wild honey, worn lipstick and broken china. It's very cool the way the pens don't totally obliterate the background but seem layer further colour to add to the depth and helping it to stand out :)
The words mainly from the same set "Artistic Impressions" with a couple of little additions using a little studio G alphabet set.
The wings were masked and the background over stamped with a small T!m script in Distress vintage photo and aged around the edges with the same....
....because of my muscle problem, up until this week I have not been able to even contemplate using the distress tool and rubbing like that!!!
Heart finished with glossy accents and the ribbon given the distress pen once over.

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux

P.S. Just a little design fault in the masking sheets I've found....
...why can't the backing sheet be white?
It's a devil of a thing to actually see where you are cutting on that stuff!!!
Also it would help by not stamping the image on the wrong side, because even though I thought I was stamping on the right side...when I cut the image out I realised my mistake!!! Grrrr!!!

Friday, 3 April 2015

IW #7 Unlucky for some!

The seventh Inspiration Wednesday.....
 so very nearly ignored this consisted mainly of sticking a sheet of paper in your journal....I think we pretty much all know how to do that!
I had second thoughts and carried never know what you might discover for yourself ;)
What did I discover then this time round?

1. Golden's turquoise (phthalo) is a mighty good colour if you are fed up with teal ;)

2. Not that it was part of the lesson, but I added some pearlescent medium to the turquoise and realise I need to add more next time ;)

3. I used one of the new charcoal pencils I bought as I had not had one for week 4 and liked the way is works

4. Sometimes you don't "see" something till much later......'cos when I looked at the picture on screen, the printed paper (a freebie craftwork cards product from a magazine) has my dad's name scribbled on it!!! Mr J Whitaker.
Although it only has one "t" instead of two I'll take that as a close enough spooky occurrence!

Afraid that's the sum total of my new discoveries on this page!

Better luck next time......on the plus side I did this in such a short time I have plenty spare over the Easter break to try and play along with a few challenges:)

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

12 tags of 2015 March

Having been in agony from a torn deltoid muscle in my right arm since Christmas there has only been so much I have been able to do!
It has just got to a point where I am not fighting pain every day....crikey I only wish I knew how I damaged the muscle in the first place 'cos I do not want it to happen again!!!!

Anyway this month's tag from T!m just had to be done...only just in time though huh....and yes, I have caved in and bought the butterfly...had ;)
Managed at last to actually cut a mask from T!m's special self sticky masking sheets! Just know I will be using this butterfly again ;)

Thanks for looking.

P.S. As it was barely possible to fasten my bra some days during the last three months I decided to invest in a front fastening one...seemed a logical thing....except.....have you seen the designs? Not a lot of choice basically.....and the lady in M and S tried to sell me one that had a zip in the front (nice look that ....showing through a blouse!) and looked like a vest it covered so much up!! Another thing....why are they made in humongous sizes that would support a small country?!!! ROFLIA

In the end I just left my bra off on the days that were impossible! Rofl.
xoxo Sioux

Monday, 30 March 2015

IW #6 Bloom and grow

The seventh Inspiration Wednesday. is coming up this Wednesday and I have only just finished week 6.....a long weekend away at a wedding and having a rotten cold on my return put me behind!
Still it's not a race.....but I do like to keep up! LOL :)

What did I learn this time?
1. Embedding stuff onto your page with texture paste can make some fabulous effects.

2. It's very messy painting with your fingers! :)

3. Must use my vibrant india inks more often....I chose to use the words "Bloom and Grow"....sort of went with the tree like shapes and the seed pod stencil on the inclusion.

Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux