Monday, 16 June 2014

Honeymoon in Florence - Day 6

Mr B really wanted to see the abbey of San Miniato al Monte so we decided to's all uphill...but to be fair does not take half as long as you might expect and a lot of loveliness on the way to enjoy!!!

What a treat half way up though....a rose garden....the Giardino delle Rose.

It even had art about this gem?

When you get to the top you arrive at Piazzale Michelangelo with stunning views...

But it was onwards and upwards a little more to the abbey...

....and inside..

A selfie and al fresco picnic looking out over Florence followed ;)

Time to walk back down and enjoy the views...

A marriage...

Other cool stuff...

...also time for a nice cool beer in a little atmospheric wine bar... much great wine but so little time to drink it in!!! ROFL

...We visited a jeweller....very creative stuff and fascinating watching him at work....sorry no photo's inside you will just have to go yourselves..or why not do it virtually by following this link  but don't blame me if you die of shock when you see the prices ;)

Think it's time for lunch don't you?! lol

Quick pit stop at hotel to drop off a few things and out again...
...but that's coming up tomorrow!
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. I can't believe how much you packed in to each day - and how many meals (lol) Today's trip to the Abbey looks gorgeous.

  2. Lovely memories! The walk route looks fantastic - we went by bus but now wish we hadn't (hubby has been looking at your photos too) next time maybe!! Chrisx

  3. Oh this looks wonderful, I hope you enjoy every minute xx

  4. All so lovely! Thank you for treating me to a bit more Italy on my birthday! Jo x


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