Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Honeymoon in Florence - Day 6 part 2

Welcome back for the rest of day 6...I thought it was getting a little too long even for me yesterday :)
In the afternoon we went a wandering again ;)

...we came across a unique perfumery where everything was made on the premises...you could smell the loveliness at the end of the street...and samples to try outside...great idea!

By then we were not far from Santa Croce so of course we had to go ;)

There are lots of wonderful tombs/monuments inside...

Back to the hotel for a wash and brush up and out to find a place to eat...
...we really fancied trying this place but it was not open...

then we remembered we had seen a nice place in the Piazza della Signoria...
...the Gucci cafe...

Bread and olives....super


Starters wonderful....octopus and goats cheese crostini

Mains scrummy...chicken with spinach and beans (love those beans)

Pici pasta...a thick pasta that is a speciality of Tuscany...scrummy

Side salad of fresh beans, fennel and asparagus....amazing

Puddings anyone?

Absolutely Orgasmic :)

We had such a wonderful evening...
...such fun and laughter as the square was hosting some sort of gathering later that had a lot of local celebrities/politicians......you should have seen all the Armani suited "plain clothes" officers...I wish I could have taken a photo of them but I just did not dare!!!!
So I took a photo of the police cars instead!!! ROFLIA

We strolled through the streets...

...and went to bed ;)

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. Another afternoon stroll - another beautiful church! The food looks pretty good too (especially pudding, as I'm not a big octopus/bean fan!)
    I'm already getting sad as there can't be much left to enjoy - will have to go back to the beginning and read it all again!!

  2. Place looks so beautiful. The food looks amazing!

  3. Well I have to say I am enjoying the fact that you have taken all of us on your honeymoon too! LOVELY! Jo x

  4. Oh! I am enjoying your views of Florence, some familiar, some not, but all so beautiful! Chrisx


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