Sunday, 15 June 2014

Honeymoon in Florence - Day 5

Day 5 - A Sunday.
We wanted to go to the Academia to see the "real" David...neither of us had ever been and we were looking forward to it....close by is the church of San Marco and that seemed a great church to visit...and then there was the university botanic gardens too.

We walked through the beautiful narrow streets and passed through Piazza Santissima Annunziata..there is a lot of work ongoing and will be stunning when finished.

We timed the arrival at the church wrong and a service was already in progress...I was in dire need for a loo break so we stopped at a cafe but no-one was serving and there was a large cue at the counter too so off round the corner to go in the Academia (and use their loos!) but oh dear.....the cue....I would not have lasted. lol
A very quick walk to a nice little cafe and relief!!

By this time we decided waiting in the Academia cue was not something we wanted to do so we backtracked and decided to visit a museum dedicated to Etruscan finds ;)

Once inside though you had to join a guided tour at specific times...we had just missed one and the next was an hour and half wait....added to which we don't enjoy being guided!!! lol
So back out and on to the botanic was free to get in!

We spent ages in there it was so atmospheric...there was a group playing tranquil Indian type music too....magical

We walked to the end of the street and found a little gem of a garden.
The Giardino di Palazzo Capponii.
This is generally not open to the public...
...but we were lucky as there was some sort of open day..and it was free! ;)

You would love to have an apartment in this old palace with a garden like that :)

We then went on a wild goose chase to see another garden close by but it turned out that you could only go in it if you were resident at the Four Seasons hotel!!!
By now, being hot and thirsty, we were dying for a drink....we managed to grab a welcome cold beer just before the place closed for the afternoon....the old lady was even turning the lights out at one point and the door was locked!!! Still Mr B did get to read the results of the Giro d'Italia in the sport newspaper.....she decided to turn the lights back on when she saw him reading it!!! :)

It was just enough to sustain us till we reached the Duomo square again and we stopped for was scorching!!!

We really deserved another gelato on the way back to the hotel don't you think?

After yet another siesta we thought the rooftop terrace made for a romantic end to the day....with some red for Mr B and obviously some fizz for me....aka Mrs B! :)

Beef carpaccio and Parmesan for me...

Mozzarella salad for Mr B

Coffee and grappa to end...
...and so to bed ;)

Come back for day's a doozie!!
Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux


  1. More gorgeous photos, Sioux! the gardens look great.

  2. Lovely gardens, perhaps October and March weren't the best months to visit! Chrisx


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