Monday, 15 October 2012

Dating Me?!

Mmmm... no I'm not dating anyone....sadly the man in the grey suit has not turned up yet! LOL
But I'll let you into a secret......I joined a couple of dating sites.
...I'd rather like to have someone to cuddle...and the love I get from the visiting cat is not enough to satisfy my needs....wink, wink, say no more ;) ;)

I have to say the dating sites have left me rather under whelmed!!! ROFL

Firstly...if the blokes are around my age they seem in the main to look old enough to be my dad.....hell....most of the rest that the sites say are a match ARE old enough to be my dad!

And at my age that's not something that turns me on in the slightest!

Perhaps they think I look old enough to be their mother who knows?!!!

Because, won't get to know someone if they are not prepared to engage in initial messaging conversation!!! I've sent messages and no one bothers to even reply "sorry but you are not for me", well actually one did....thanks I appreciated it....and I've replied to someone the same 'cos he sent me the message first but sadly he just was not my type (no not in a million years) !!!

I've started looking at men much younger and thinking what would they see in me?....although I reckon I could be a cougar really easily!!! LOL.

...Then again there seems to be an awful lot of men who seem to think it's impressive to have their photo taken standing next to what may or may not be their very own fancy sports car/yacht/motorbike......or posing in some exotic holiday destination/about to leap off a cliff/bungee jump/shark fish etc......."It don't impress me much!" as the song says...quite frankly I don't believe all these men in their 50's and early 60's are actually the action men they imply they are.

dot,dot, dot, you know what I mean?!!! :) ROFL

Then there are the types that think a casual photo is the approach to take.....mmmm?....I have no problem with this per se but come on many of you find the site of a man in shorts and Jesus sandals teamed with socks a turn on? You'd be amazed how many men seem to think this is the height of fashion....along with wearing their favourite football teams shirt in the most inappropriate places.....and to me that's anywhere other than on a football pitch if you happen to be a footballer!!! LOL

Mmmmm.....the more I look around these places the more I don't get it!!! Perhaps I'm being fussy....but I'd rather be fussy than desperate! LOL

I just can't seem to feel any connection, even if they are saying they like doing some of the stuff I do, it's about as far removed from reality as you can get!
Yes, I think for me, the only way is the old fashioned know...seeing someone across a crowded room....liking the twinkle in their eyes....sensing a can't beat that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach can you? :)

I'm convinced this is all a journey I am being taken on to get me in a position where I don't bottle it the next time a dishy man in a grey suit says something rather wonderful!! Believe me, I'm not going to make that mistake again if I can help it!!! ROFLIA

(take note saddo's on dating sites, and that includes me 'cos just sometimes I don't do the following enough!)
Get out.....experience real life.....real music....real fun....LOL
xoxo Sioux

P.S. I've just been sent yet another e-mail from the dating sight inviting me to meet another new match, apparently he is as unique as I am.....somehow or other I doubt that very much (said in my most sarcastically smiley tone ever) ROFLIA :) :) :)


  1. Bwahahaha.....:D Good on ya girl! We gots to have standards(my hubby leaves his socks on with sandals, he calls it being individual :S). Though I haven't dated for 30 years, I know I prefer the chemical reaction in a crowded room technique too. Sounds like a great excuse(like you needed one) to get out there and party...pubs with live music could be a good start. That way if you don't fancy anyone there you can say you just came for the music :D XXX

  2. I think you are very brave, good on you for taking the plunge.. I haven't and I've been divorced for ages....Hope you find your man in a grey suit soon.

  3. You keep ON being fussy, Sioux but don't rely too much on catching someone's eye, either - sometimes we don't weigh consequences of decisions we make... be ruthless! You're gorgeous and uniquely you - don't let anyone make you think any different!!! Good luck - I know how hard it is x

  4. Good luck with the search Sioux. I think the worst ones are those who take half naked photos of themselves!!! xx

  5. Listen you, the best man is nowhere to be found, at least bl**dy hard to find. Be happy with thoughts of RA for as long as you can.
    Hugs Joanne xxx

  6. Just have fun with it Jen...I think it is funny when the 50 somethings think that they can get a 35 yr old easily! Dream I agree though, if they can't chat first then they are a definite no-go. Their true colours will come out quite soon if they are dodgey.
    Dot x

  7. It's very brave of you Sioux, it must be really scary searching for Mr Right again 'specially as he will have so much to live up to, but you gotta keep on trying. Keep your standards though, no socks with sandals and definitely no comb overs lol x


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