Friday, 31 August 2012

SNED day 1

Gez has suggested trying "Something new every day" in many days in September I manage is a different matter!!
Here is the front of my little moleskin notebook.

I tried using glue and seal from ranger to mask off the words "new very day" on the Kraft cover....did not work as precise as I was thinking but, hey you just have to go with the flow ;)
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux
P.S. Whoops....seems like I missed out an H from the word why?
Will have to rectify that stupid mistake....just flippin typical of me at the mo!!!


  1. Love it! The making of the cover will surely be easier than trying something new every day for a whole month - I couldn't do it for sure!! Will follow with interest though.

  2. I'm hoping to play along too with Gez hope I can keep up and will be popping in here to see how you do too.

    Well done on trying something new on your front covers too. :)

  3. Whats a H between friends? Shimelle Laine also runs a Learn Something New Everyday every September too - you sign up and then every year you can join in at no extra cost.

  4. I tried something new this morning, getting up before 9am. Didn't work either......
    Hugs Joanne xx

  5. Missed this Sept suggestion. Missed the first day already!

  6. Morning Sioux.....LOVE your cover. I too will be joining in :-)I'll be doing a Quotes Book..Done the first pages, but not the cover! The cover for some reason scares me!!!! Will blog the pages later...Have a good Sunday and I'll be back!! S xx

  7. Brilliant cover Sioux, looks like first lesson learned, hehe.. I have a spare 'h' if you need one!

    Nicola is RIGHT! Shimelle is running her class again! Great news..xx


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