Friday, 10 August 2012

Only You!

Mmmm.......Don't feel like stamping much at the moment.....quick get the smelling salts!!! ROFL.........Too busy reading that's my problem ;)

So I was trying out the bleach effect that Dyan showed us here. Thanks Dyan!
And one thing led to one point these pages were so dark I did not know what to do with them but with the aid of the bleach effect (although by now you can't really see where I used it!) a little touch of gesso, a zingy little spritz of Dylusion sprays and just the right journal words it came together and once again helped me get out into the open the absolute rubbish that floats around my brain!!! LOL

Only you can make the darkness bright!
In other words there is no one but me who can change things round here.
Thanks for looking.......out of a mojo less doldrum I managed to make this over a period of about 5 days...thinking about it....not liking something then having to gesso over it etc etc!!!
But in the end I like's the little things that make me happy ;)

xoxo Sioux

P.S. Dancer, Carpe Diem
(I so love that term, seize the day or however you interpret it yourself......pity there is no one to seize around here! Which is partly what this page is about! ROFLIA)
and clock face stamps available from The Artistic Stamper... the border stamp is my own hand carved creation.


  1. Oh this is fabulous Sioux, I love your dark and shade and you dancer like a ray of hope in there (blimey look at me getting all poetical lol) This really is lovely - and hopeful x

  2. Great background, great colours. Hope you have a lovely weekend.


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