Sunday, 8 July 2012

It is not written!

35 years ago it was the Queens silver jubilee...
...35 years ago Virginia Wade won Wimbledon...
35 years on, in the Queens diamond jubilee year, Andy Murray was not destined to be the winner.

35 years ago tomorrow I married Pip...
...we were not destined to be together forever!

Life can be shit sometimes can't it?

Wishing you a lifetime of a love shared...
...I'm off now to continue reading the Fifty Shades trilogy... is not all bad!!! ROFL
xoxo Sioux


  1. ...but the years you spent with Pip will be in you heart forever. xx

  2. I shed a tear as Murray spoke after the match. Hope his doubters will leave him alone now!
    Will be thinking of you tomorrow - and as Angie says, you have the memories. (and enjoy Mr Grey tonight!)

  3. 35 years of love never fades...Pip will always be with you :)XXX

  4. Hugs to you Hun for today...and your love will last forever :))


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