Sunday, 27 May 2012

A little of what you fancy!

What made me happy this weekend....
On Saturday as I've already mentioned that re-mortgage offer finally came through my door ;)

What's more the survey valuation came in the same envelope and if that chap had been stood next to me I'd have kissed him (even though he was a bit of a frog!) 'cos he put just the right amount on there! ;)...and as to the mortgage advisor who made it happen lets just say I'd be willing to do almost anything!!! ROFL :)

Obviously Eurovision was a great night and in my garden...

...the Anemone is still going strong...

...the pinks are in flower...

...the Nora Barlow is in full bloom...

...visiting cat was zonked out on the flower bed...Aah bless!...

...and I bought this fabby large (2.5 ltr) glass pitcher that was on offer at Sainsbury's to put Sangria in for my garden party that I have decided to have in June to celebrate my garden make over, life, the universe and everything! LOL

You are all invited 'cos I want everyone there who has helped me through the last couple of years.....I've got a great play list of music ready...Cava chilling...some super food planned....just hope the weather is as glorious as this weekend was....but if it's not then we will have to cram into the house instead :)

xoxo Sioux

P.S. Anyone know how I can contact Richard Armitage and invite him? He definitely does not know it but he has helped me through the last two years! ;) ROFLIA
(that's...rolls on the floor laughing in agony!)


  1. Glad you had a good weekend - well done on the mortgage front! Hoping your party goes well... sadly I don't have Richard's number (well, only my brother Richard but I think that may not be the right one, lol!)

  2. I hope the party is such a huge success that it goes on 'til July when I'll be down Devon. Just checking my little black book for RA's no - now will that be under R or A..............
    Hugs Joanne xx

  3. Seriously!!! You think if I had his number I'd share? I'm nice, but not that nice hahaha :D Wish I lived close enough, but will have a cold glass in hand to toast your garden this week end :D XXX
    ps love ROFLIA :D

  4. Good news at last - so pleased for you! Plants looking good - a good background for your party! Now -wouldn't you really want the yummy Mr Armitage to turn up on his own for supper for two??!! Chrisxx

  5. Your garden is looking great, enjoy. Really like your little visitor. :)

  6. Lovely post, great to see everything growing nicely :0))


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