Saturday, 26 May 2012


It was an enjoyable evening...even though there was no one here to share the joy with and hug! WAB (that's.........what a bummer!)...

....and what's more Pip would have almost instantaneously been able to tell me way before the end of voting that Sweden could not loose..saving me lots of nervous breathing!!! LOL
So it was euphoria for me then and Sweden ;)
I am easily excited rofl!!!

 Yep....perhaps I should have put my house on it...although I expect my mortgage adviser would have a pink fit at that !!!! rofl

I thought France gave a great performance...(I'd love that woman's body btw!)...
..others who performed well on the night were...
...Spain What a voice what a performance :)
...Germany...(even though the shrug on his head did nothing for me!! lol)
...Serbia...a dark handsome interlude ;)
...and..urm... yes Jedward...well.....they do give it their all ;)

So huge congrats to Sweden and here is to next year in Stockholm. If you go I so know you will have a great time....Pip and I went to Eurovision once and it was a fabulous night.
xoxo Sioux
P.S. Lets not forget that even though the Windies were 370 all out in the 1st innings...England came back and were 259 for 2 at the end of day 2 :)


  1. LOL... sweden was a no brainer... your munchies look rather nice sat there...although you can have all the
    Happy Sunday x

  2. Love to hear you being able to celebrating yours and Pips passions in life. Signs of a well healing heart. Just what he would have wanted.


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