Thursday, 2 December 2010

12 Tags of Christmas 2010 - Day 2

I've put a stickie post up with an attached thumbnail linky thingy for anyone who wants to play along with the Splinter Group again this year!
I thought we all could add a link to the specific blog post of each tag and then it will make it easier to hop around to share the joy LOL

Here is my tag for today ;)

I was relieved today when I saw the tag as yesterday was a bit of a marathon!

Still missing elements of course but I'm so much happier with this tag :)

The greenery on the fir cone is T!m but it does not have the cone on it on the mini version set so I used a stamp of a ........ fern!
Yep it turned out nicely as a double up for one of those long fir cones ;)
Again the music stamp on the mini set was a bit small for my liking on this design so I went for an Artistic Stamper one....mmmmmm.
No splatter stamp so mixed some walnut stain with water on the mat and loaded a paint brush and tapped it to get the little drops.....mmmmm love that too
....added a wooden star (Ikea ages ago)
....and would you believe the pearl droppy bit is an old earring.
.....oh dear! I'm going to get known for bad taste in a minute HOL!

Jennie The Artistic Stamper is going to give away a goody bag full of T!m stuff to a lucky person who shares a tag using the linky post. the more tags you share the better your chances are :)
This will be drawn by random after the end of T!m's 12 Tags of Christmas. that not super generous? :) Thanks Jennie!
While we are on the subject I'm adding a separate prize too!
Don't know what it is yet but it I'll try and make it extra special to thank you all for playing along ;)
xoxo Sioux


  1. Oooo its a lovely takeon Tims tag :D
    Its lovely seeing everyones work on here :D
    Julie xx

  2. Yummy version of the tag, great danglies from the ribbon, I am so loving all the different styles, cant wait to see what tomorrow brings xxx

  3. I love your tag, I must raid my ear ring box too! I don't wear them any more and have loads - doh!!!

  4. Again looking good Hun, i'm so enjoying seeing everyones work, thanks for hosting the group xx

  5. Loving your interpretation and thank you for providing a link so we don't miss each others interpretations which is so enjoyable. Annette x

  6. Absolutely stunning Sioux! Love your version! xx

  7. This is a gorgeous tag, Sioux and so like tIm's again. I preferred today too and loved the technique with the foam, must try that. I shall have a play tomorrow as hopefully I shall get a crafty day!!!! Heres Hoping!!
    Hugs Lisax

  8. Yet more gorgeous improvisation. Love the fern fir cones, so clever.
    Really great take on Tim's tag.

  9. Gorgeous Tag, and love how you used a fern for the cones! aren't you just loving these? Can't wait for tomorrow.
    Donna x

  10. Lovely Tag Sioux. Failed miserably yesterday............but I had a go today! Catch up soon. Love S xx

  11. Beautiful tag,good choices! It's great to see everyone's work but don't think I'll be linking - I'm sure it must be easy but haven't figured it out yet:(

  12. Your tag # 2 is lovely. I like how you used the techniques. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful evening. Angela

  13. oh hun this is one fantastic version of tims,no 2 tag will finally be posting mine tomorrow hugs cheryl xxx

  14. I love your tag - very inventive with the fern lol and your earring is perfect. Thanks so much for the link. Hope to see you tomorrow x

  15. Absolutely beautiful tag you created!!I I like how your black enamel dots look better than the original. I agree it was great to see a simpler tag today. I have a box of jewelry baubles I pick up at thrift stores to use for embellishments.

  16. Oooooh Sioux LOVE your tag. :D

  17. Lovely tag, like the dangly ear ring ,what a good idea. Thanks for the link, its lovely to go see everyones tags

  18. Love this tag. Brilliant.


  19. love the musical background, your stamped swirls and the fabulous colour combo!! Hugs Juls

  20. Okay, where have I been? Just found this, and I loooooove it! What a great idea to use a star and that sentiment! Love it more than Tim's!

  21. Ohh.. Loving your christmas star tag. Beautiful idea and gorgeous!


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