Wednesday, 15 September 2010

WOYWW - In the Garden

It seems that not only am I not content with cluttering up my dining table chest of drawers serving table floor in the bedroom
...and the work surface in my craft cupboard
...but I also did some crafting on my outside table this weekend!!!

Just had to do it as the weather was glorious and I don't want to miss a bit of it 'cos the winter months are a bit of an unknown as to where my mood will take me perhaps!
Although the knowledge I'm going to the T!m Artsycrafts event in February will no doubt sustain me LOL

The glass contents is of course Cava...what else! LOL
....the ATC's waiting for the glue to dry there have a Cava theme to take to swop at the weekend along with a few others
....did not want to give too much away ;)
....hope to see you if you are on the same workshop with Lindsay Mason at the Dawn Bibby Design Studio....can't wait :)
xoxo Sioux

P.S. I'm saying sorry right now because I know I will not get round to many people this week!
...In fact I have been a bit lax in that department for a good few days now to concentrate on making those ATC's and getting myself organised for my trip
...I just do not know where the hours disappear too!!!
So thanks if you leave me a comment :)
I will be trying to at least read them even if I don't reply to you!

If you don't know what the heck I'm showing you my table for hop over to WOYWW to see Julia and the rest of the table voyeur's! LOL


  1. I wish the weather was as good here, but afraid we got 'illuminations weather' ie, it's blowing a gail and chucking it down. Have a safe journey and see you Sat.
    Luv Joanne xx

  2. quite right..craft whenever, where ever!!! I mean what else are cupboards, rooms and gardens for!!!! Hugs Juls

  3. Hiya

    I can only dream of taking the crafty bits outside! lol


  4. Lucky you crafting al fresco! also lucky you going to the workshop. Have fun!
    JoZarty 79 (not43) !

  5. First the craft table, then the whole house - good job most of us have understanding people to live with........

  6. Now that looks like my kind of crafting! How lovely to get outside xx

  7. Maybe the next space to use is the bed! We've had fairly good weather, lots of sun and very mild just a bit of rain since coming back from Turkey last week, but it's definitely changed today - had the heating on for a bit and sitting with my pashmina round me :-/
    Anne xx

  8. Hi there, this is how crafting should be done in the sunshine with a glass by your side. Hope you manage to finish all your tasks, good luck and thanks for sharing:0) xx

  9. Hi Jen
    oh how fabulous crafting outside with a glass or two, congratulations another one going to see sir tim, Have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  10. So much crafting on so many serfices I didn't have the pennies to book my Tim crafty day SO gutted I know you will have the best time. and have a fabby time as well at Dawns

    Love Dawn xx

  11. Perhaps you'll move into the bathroom next! Have a great time, let us know what you get up to!

  12. The weather is HOT here. Glad yours is so pleasant. Like you, I craft everywhere. However, I don't make big messes. Love the photo, though. Congrats on going to the workshop. Happy WOYWW.

  13. A lady afer my own heart. Make the most of the fresh air, we'll be stuck indoors for long enough.
    It's been a bit blowy here for crafting outdoors although the washing dried brilliantly.
    Hugs Lisax

  14. Great idea, make the most of everyday of nice weather, the winter is far too long. Enjoy your workshop and well done getting a place on the Tim Holtz class. Have a good evening, Tracy Evans(No.2)

  15. Don't blame you making the most of the weather, I only craft outdoors when away from home because the garden always calls me to work in it

  16. enjoy the drink whatever it is, fab workspace,Happy WOYWW! Thank you for sharing your workspace (Linky number 19)

  17. Looks like a great time was had by all, crafting in the garden in the sunshine with a glass of Cava to hand. Is there anything better?


  18. I'm off to see Tim too on the Thursday so excited!


  19. Lucky you to be able to craft outside. I must not grumble as I was at the Craftbarn on Saturday it was nice to start, then poured of rain lucky it was inside. Hope you get you ATC's done. Big Hugs

  20. Hi Jen
    Just been having a nosey to see what you've been up to, been a while since I popped over here although I've thought of you often. Lovin the three ladies and the inspiration behind them! Fantabulous idea. Hope the sun keeps shining on you
    x Michelle

  21. It's always good to create while having Cava!!! - Carola, 112

  22. Hi
    I love the idea of working outside. I have done it myself. In my opinion it should be compulsary, that evryone should do it at some time. Even if it rains, that could give some interesting effects.
    I notice you have your bits in a lidded box, great idea on a windy day!!
    Thanks for the snoop!
    Sue xx 47

  23. Sorry about the spelling error, that should read compulory.
    Sue 47

  24. Crafting with Cava - I like it!!


  25. The contents of the glass look great... to take any stuff outside here would probably be a recipe for disaster! Hope you had a great time.

  26. Lovely to be able to craft outside. Too cold now in Scotland for that! Thanks for the snoop round.

  27. Sorry I'm late, again..Windy here this week, and stuff would fly away if I was in the garden,hope you have a good weekend, happy woyww

  28. Have a brill weekend hun, and I am so pleased you got your ticket... that is something to look forward to x

  29. I know i'm goodness knows how late with this comment - but crafting outside is just divine, hope you enjoyed it, and agree, we have to make the most of the sunshine when it happens!!!

    Paula x x x


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