Sunday, 12 September 2010

OMG! It's the best news! I hope!

At the risk of all and sundry getting there before me....Oh! Please........Please......PLEASE!
............Let me just have one ticket :) LOL
........failing that...can I perhaps pitch my tent and hope for a snippet of crafty knowledge as he passes me by on the way to the workshop!!?

You must know by now that T!m the man is going to be appearing at a special ArtsyCrafts event in Feb see here for details. would not want me to go over the edge and loose the plot knowing the year I've had
.........would you?

Sioux xoxo


  1. Hope you get a ticket, he is just a great teacher live.


  2. Crossing everything for you hun! Jo x

  3. Yep, got 'em crossed for you gal...

  4. Fingers, toes & everything else crossed for you hunni.XXXX

  5. After the awful year you have had hun, you deserve to be first on the list... am keeping everything crossed that you get your ticket... good luck!!! xx

  6. I'll be right besides you getting mine, she says hopefully.
    Luv Joanne xx

  7. I'm with you in having my fingers and toes very tightly crossed for tonight!
    Tim is amazing isn't he?!
    Good luck hope you get a ticket!!

  8. THanks for your message and congratulations on getting a ticket- we'll both be silly , grinning ninnies today!!!
    love kt x


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