Sunday, 12 September 2010

Changes # 2

I started thinking about how things have changed since DH passed away....and thought I'd post stuff here now and again
........perhaps it might be useful interesting a good laugh for others!
Some of the stuff would make a great comedy DH always enjoyed a good laugh so I bet he is up there having a fine old time seeing what I've been up to!!!
One of the silly things is that I no longer lock the bathroom door and I'll tell you why!
One morning I had locked it as usual...had my shower etc and went to unlock the door but it caught a bit and for a minute I panicked and thought it was going to get stuck properly!
.....and you know the only thing that was whizzing round my head was the song
"Oh dear what can the matter be, three old ladies got locked in the lavatory!"
I mean......whatever is it? My brain works in strange ways!!! HOL
So as the song goes on
"They were there from Monday to Saturday, nobody knew they were there!"
OMG I thought.........I really could be locked in the bathroom for quite sometime before anyone knew....I know I have neighbours but my bathroom is positioned where neither one would necessarily see me trying to attract attention......I'm certainly not tall enough to wave much more than a hand through the very high window!!! Then I thought that if the worst came to the worst I could always have used my blue eyeliner pencil to write an S.O.S. on some toilet tissue to fly out of the window!!! HOL
Hope this little tale has brightened your day
xoxo Sioux


  1. Hey, you did make me smile, and I never lock the door either! In fact I rarely even shut it - no-one can see!!
    Also with the layout of my flat can watch tv from the loo.... you probably didn't need to know that! But it does mean you don't need to miss the end of whatever!

  2. I think it's good that you can think like that and also feel like sharing with us. I know a bit how you feel 'cos when 'peg leg' goes to the flyng club on a Friday night, I get to leave the bathroom door open, watch what I like on tele, be in and out of my craft room, eat what I like and best of all, drink what I like!!
    C U Sat.
    Luv Joanne xx

  3. Thank you for this LOL oh the joys of living alone like Helen the door to my bathroom is usually left open so the cats can come and go as they please! LOL Sure you will adapt in many ways and so happy to hear you 'seeing' the funny side. xx (((Hugs))) Zoe

  4. There's definitely an art to living on your own!!
    I lived alone when I was 19 (just after my Mum dies) and I used to constantly talk to myself- a running commentary!
    Now remember when you have guests over - close the bathroom door!! LOL
    {{{hugs}}} to you hunny- loving your attitude and your art so much!

  5. You did make me laugh too. Glad you made it out of the bathroom - but I can just imagine that little piece of toilet paper floating out of the window ..... LOL xxx

  6. I got locked in the bedroom once when the door handle came off in my hand. I also got locked in a pub when I popped in to use the toilet at lunchtime closing. The owner must have closed up really promptly and left immediately. I managed to get back into the lounge area and then discovered that there were no locks on the french windows so opened them and walked out onto the bowling green at the back. I then opened the gate to the car park to be re-united with my friend who had been calling to me! Jo x


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