Friday, 28 May 2010


Nothing crafty to share yet....but things are beginning to calm down and the good news is I am looking forward to creating again.
I have a confession though
.........I love Eurovision!!!
It could have been tricky this year as Phil and I both shared the love of it and would always have a little I have had a little wager and my money is on Iceland although I have a sneaking suspicion Azerbaijan or Germany could win....but the odds on them do not appeal and Iceland for me is the one who could pull off a win over them....Hera Björk (that is her above) has a fabulous live voice and can really belt out a song with no effort.....always a plus in my opinion.
What's more my friend and hubby are coming from Lancashire to share the evening!!! You can't really ask for more......especially when neither of them are fans of it :)
We will be having some fizz....smoked salmon....and some fun I know....and if there is an afterlife that can be manipulated Phil will make darn sure Iceland wins!!! LOL
xoxo Sioux


  1. Enjoy - it's one of those programmes that you can't not watch. Having said that, for the first time in years I will miss it as I am out tomorrow night! Enjoy - and good luck Iceland, then!

  2. Me too gal. This is the first year for loads that we haven't had a party with host nationality food and a sweepstake and lots of cheating and shouting; so, different, but not too bad, huh. Have a good eve....

  3. Been thinking about you, glad to see you online again. Can only image how tough it must be for you. How sweet of your friends to come and share the evening with you. Must admit it's not something I watch. Take care. Hugs Anesha

  4. We shall be tuned in too, but will pick a fav on the night!!!
    Glad to see you can smile at life again. Have a great night. I will look out for Iceland.

  5. So YOU'RE the one who watches the Eurovision Song Contest! I guess someone has to, so enjoy!!!


  6. I've always been a big fan of it too! When I was little we all used to have pen and paper and mark each country! Can I admit I still do!! I hope you enjoy it and your company too - I'm sure Phil will be watching from above too and cheering Iceland on for you xx

  7. Hope the magic works and you get your wish - tis a lovely song indeed. I love the Irish entry myself. Thank you for your visit to my blog. Be well. Penny x

  8. I used to like it years ago when they showed the sub titles and non of the songs made sence lol, that was quality.. now most of them sing in english and its no fun.. but i hope you enjoy the evening, good to know your ok x

  9. Oooh...... I will be cheering on Iceland just for you. :D Lovely to hear you've company for the weekend. Now why didn't you tell me I could have nabbed a lift! I wish hehe.. well, it's a nice thought!
    Have fun.xx

  10. enjoy it hun,and hope you have a great time with your friend,s hun I do not watch it myself yet always like to know how wins take care hun hugs cheryl xx

  11. I hope you all have a fabby evening and that your fave wins. Also hope your friends have a good journey from my neck of the woods too. Luv to you. Joanne xx

  12. I confess I watched after BGT, and laughed my head off as friends were commenting on twitter while we watched in different places... hope you enjoyed yourselves
    HUgs xx

  13. Hi how did the Eurovision go for you? If you are in the mood there is something on my blog for you. No worries if you are not up to it. I can completely understand. But I could not leave you out. First on my list.


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