Sunday, 5 April 2009

Makes my Heart Smile - Inky Fingers

This is going to be a slow process I can tell but since Lindsay gave me this award I have been trying to pass this on without much success. Please don't be offended if I do not mention all the fabby people I visit in cyber space, but if you already have the award it sort of defeats the object really............or does it?.............I don't fifth nomination is Inky Fingers . Cath's blog has some spectacular pieces on view and I like this particular attitude to her art...............quote "Can't see the point in having all this lovely, exciting stuff and then using someone else's background, when I can make my own.........." unquote.

I can't see this award there, I am sure she must have had it, but please go and take a look at her blog............and try to leave her a comment - she was a little shy.........heaven only knows why as her pieces are fabby.........- so she had the comments switched off, but has recently switched them back on.

If she chooses not to display this award that is fine.........I'd just like her to know that her blog does "Make my Heart Smile".

SSBFL to her.

P.S. Well that is the last of the first 5 nominee's. You won't believe how long this has taken!! Now I need to decide on the last 5, heaven only knows how long that might take...............and as I have said before....................please don't be upset if you are not included as you are the one's who probably already have this.

P.P.S. I'd just like to say that I do not personally know any of my nominee's they are purely people who's blog I enjoy fact I don't know anyone in "real life" who shares my obsession and have just realised, whilst getting this together, that blogging is my only way to connect with people of a like mind. Sad or what?

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  1. Oh wow, Jenny! This is my first ever award and I'm thrilled to bits, you little love. Not only thrilled, but amazed that someone actually really likes what I do, lol. You've made my day and I'm pleased to accept it. I'll have to blog it tomorrow or the day after, though, as I'm really busy! Thank you VERY much.


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