Saturday, 5 November 2016

Our garden project

We are remodelling our front garden. It's been a long time in the planning and pondering stage but at least we are now on our way to a bit of a garden haven in the front as well as the back garden!
You will all remember the way my back garden came together when I had the major structural bones done by a landscape was such fun watching it progress.
The front garden is even more fun....albeit much my honey and I can do this one together :)
For some time it's been mainly lawn with some planting on two sides.

Back in May my honey made a start on getting rid of the lawn and digging it over.
Then holidays, work, weather and life stopped all the action and we ended up with a wild flower meadow effect come the beginning of October...
.....ha ha ha

The weather last month and so far this month has been kind and weekends have been spent sorting this out.....the grand plan under way


Happy when the first pergola went up a couple of weeks ago with stones laying out where a path would go.

Even happier when the second pergola erected, pathway partly dug out and bench all painted up to protect it. Some plants we had bought earlier in the year and potted on were scattered around to ponder some more on the layout!


Today my honey managed the last bit of the path and yet more would not believe the size of some of the rocks excavated..... and I got on with planting up the plants that had arrived during the week.

I'll show and tell some more when we have progressed a bit and detail the plants we are putting in.
Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux