Monday, 5 September 2016

My travel art supplies

I've spent far more time than I ought just lately browsing Pinterest for ideas as to essential transportable watercolour supplies for our holiday to Greece shortly.
I have narrowed it down to this little lot! I'm thinking that listing it here will help both during and after to see what I did and didn't use! ;)

It's all packed into this small bag....a freebie from a long time ago as the logo on the bag proves! Not used more than a couple of times....fizz glass for size's not going in the bag! :) LOL

In the tin at the top I'm keeping some gelatos, neo colours and shimmery Luminex paint in the small black topped pots to provide extra colours not in my watercolour pallet and also in case I veer off into art journaling instead.

At the top here are baby wipes, tissues, plastic bottle for water, masque pen, ceramic pallete, masking tape, antique ink bottle that I'm using as a water pot...courtesy of my honey :)
A putty eraser and normal eraser, pencil sharpener, bits of sponge, charcoal pencils in soft, medium and hard, penknife, large lolly stick, four watercolour pencils, hardboard and watercolour papers with a couple of paper clips to hold the paper in place.

I have a smaller tin (not in the main photo) that will hold the smaller items in one place.
This also has a paper stump, some spare paint pans and space for filled pans that I can swap in and out of the watercolour pallete box.

Brushes and pens/pencils are held with elastic bands on a cardboard base.
Brushes include: a kurataki waterbrush, rigger and various other small detail brushes.

Not forgetting my new travel brushes...sigh ;)

Pens/pencils include: waterproof ink pens in grey and black, white unibol pen, two pencils in different hardness.

Everything packed into the bottom half of the bag with the hardboard, watercolour papers, brushes and masque pen in the top draw string section....that section still has room for something else and looking back at this, I have added some larger pieces of watercolour paper, an extra ceramic mixing palette and a plastic cup for clean water too.
This is all still very portable and I'm going for the lightest weight stuff I can find!

Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux


  1. that looks very neat and compact...hope you have a great holiday and use lots of this! (no way will you use it all, we never do, do we....)

  2. wow, you sure know how to pack. :)

    1. Amazing what you can fit in if you try!

  3. This is looking like a handy kit to take - laughed at Helen's comment - so true!! Have a great time whether you use it all or not!! Chrisx

    1. Have not used much of it yet but it's a good exercise to do! I've found you can manage with much less supplies than you think!


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