Friday, 18 March 2016

Designs for a client!

I've been designing a couple of things for a client!
Ooh! Get me....not a customer....a client!

New designs for welcoming back guests to a boutique hotel in Salcombe.
This is a watercolour of one of the bird decorations they have displayed...'s going to be  made into cards for the rooms, to greet the guests on arrival.

It's had so much positive feed back...feeling pleased that I'm getting it right for them.

Onwards to designing a greeting card for guests with birthdays/anniversaries
to celebrate, whilst keeping the hotels "style", and also being suitable for both male and female.....could be tricky!

I'll be back when I've cracked it!

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. I can see why they love it and want more...wonderfully elegant and "chilled" birdy :D XXX

  2. Great news to read on a Friday afternoon! This really is beautiful and a wonderful way to greet guests! Good Luck with the next project! 'Get You' indeed!!! Hugs, Chrisx

  3. Great drawing! Well done you, Jo x

  4. Congratulations and what a beautiful painting. :)

  5. fabulous news, and fabulous art! Go Sioux!!

  6. Hi Sioux, this is beautiful, absolutely stunning..Well done you. xx

  7. Well get you too Miss Superstar, that's amazing news and what a fantastic watercolour you have created. With talent like yours you are sure to have a huge success with the client, good luck and thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, it was lovely to see you.
    Happy Easter.
    hugs Brenda xxx

  8. Thank you, we are very happy to have Skipper back home. Thankfully they did rule out a blood clot with scans and blood test. Have a great day.


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