Sunday, 8 November 2015

Amazing Grace in watercolours!

I decided I liked my acrylic "Amazing Grace" creation so much that I wanted to try using another medium and see what happened.

I'm rather pleased with how it turned out using watercolours and a touch of Dylusions ink for some of the more intense coloured areas.
I once went to night school to learn about painting in watercolours and was always a bit disappointed with the results....mainly because we were supposed to be creating something that resembled real life...and mine never looked like it! ROFL

I'm much happier with the abstract in life so making this was a revelation.
Much thanks to Donna Downey because, if I had not signed up for Inspiration Wednesdays this year, I most certainly would not have made this!

It's painted on Fabriano Artistico 300 hp watercolour paper which has a smooth surface. The white splatter type areas were randomly done using masking fluid before adding the colour....some of it was obviously less successful at keeping out the colour but it adds to the overall look. :)

I'm thinking that quite a lot of the stuff I've created over the years could be reworked like this...
...ooh er! Is there ever enough time to do all these things we want to?!!!

Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux 


  1. Just having a catch up and at last I see what those teasers I saw on my phone are! I really love these shades of blue and I love seeing this shadow lady again! Now I just have to work out what all those crosses are for!!! Chrisx


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