Tuesday, 29 September 2015

IW 19

I've skipped a week!
Yes I know ....slap my wrists ;)
It's all part of the catch up process. I watched week 19 whilst dithering over my black gesso week 18 page and realised it was a quick page for a change and as I was in the groove I went for it.  :)

Background uses a piece of brown wrapping paper I've been using to protect my journal pages as I gesso or paint on them.

Added an eclectic mix of T!m Holtz stamps on a circus theme...

...and if clowns scare you, you had better look away now! Rofl

Enjoyed that one....thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux.


  1. Now this looks as though you had fun! Love it! Chrisx

  2. Love this one, as Chris says, it looks great fun!

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