Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Give up on Blogger!

I truly do not want to give up on Blogger but....but....
Blogger makes it very difficult to leave comments on my Blogger Buddies Blogs when I use my iPad.......I've just discoverd my new hand me down iPhone lets me go to a persons blog who leaves a comment on mine and lets me comment which is a bit of a bonus....but viewing a non commenting persons blog and trying to leave a comment seems to be beyond me!!!!

On the iPad it won't keep me signed in and so it keeps asking me for my password every time I go to a new blog....eek! I just don't have the patience or the time for that sort of thing and I can't access a normal computer as easily as I used to either.

This is......if you are wondering....why I have not appeared to be around to see you much!

Sorry and will do my best to get to grips with the problem....if anyone has experience of this I'd love to know if you got round it and how :)

On a plus note I am making art journal pages and hope to be doing more of my usual stuff shortly.......if I can share it here I will....otherwise you might have to catch me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter instead

xoxo Sioux


  1. Sorry to hear about your blogging problems. Hope you get it sorted.

  2. hope you sort it soon...I'd hate you to leave your blog! I don't have an i-pad, new or hand me down!! I do have trouble commenting from my phone on blogs - it tries to load them on something called readability and you can't comment unless you sign up to that... no idea why..blooming technology! had no idea you were on twitter though, I spend my life there... the journal page looks very interesting, hope you can share more soon.

  3. hmmm... have found your twitter account... you've not used it much have you?!!

  4. I do hope you don't abandon your blog! I am a Facebook refusenik - and apart from Pinterest -everything else baffles me! It took me long enough to be persuaded to start a blog! I don't have an i -pad but understand the difficulties commenting by phone. ..which I am doing now. I usually go to the bottom of a post and select 'Web version ' before commenting but don't know whether this will help you. I'm an Apple girl at home and know that there are big differences from other systems! I do love reading your posts and 'wordless' won't be the same! Hoping that you can sort it out, Hugs, Chrisx


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