Tuesday, 14 July 2015

IW 14 She is made of star stuff!

Number 14 at Inspiration Wednesday.
One of the prompts was to use something that made you laugh out loud!
I, on the other hand, decided to use a more reflective perspective!! lol

I used my own hand drawn image that I have digitised so that I can print it out anytime I like at whatever size and any colour too.....such a boon when you are short of time ;)

I made my own quote bubbles "She is made of star stuff"...
...a misquote on my part from the wonderful Carl Sagan...so sadly missed on this planet but hopefully, somehow, still discovering the wonders of the universe :)

I've used my lovely antique typewriter for the first time in my art on the front of the inclusion :)

and again for "Gaia"
I deliberately left the number 14 uncoloured to stand out more.

Love the colours melding into each other.....teal, orange, quindachridone gold.

Back of inclusion.

Thanks for looking.....I did have fun with this.
xoxo Sioux


  1. Great colours and textures, wonderful!

  2. Well it definitely made me laugh out loud...*better go to specsavers* as I read that you had "digested" your image for future use :D XXX

  3. Wow Sioux! Fabulous way to add an image ( may I borrow that idea?) I love the colour and texture here! Chrisx


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