Friday, 26 June 2015

Things are about to change!

Change is in the air!

After a very, very long wait the wooden chalet is sitting on the drive.

It's going here next week.

It's a joyful thing to look forward to compared to developments at work... I keep saying things are in a state of flux at the minute.

The chalet was intended to be an outdoor dining room but perhaps...
...just perhaps... will become an art retreat...
...I might even kick myself you know where and develop the potential to host workshops!

I'll keep you informed of progress ;)
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. Bet you can't wait to it to be done and ready to move in. :)

  2. So exciting...def an art room..with snack bar :D xXX

  3. I'll come... lol!! I am sure it will be amazing whatever you use it for.

  4. Oh make it for workshops. I will come for sure. X

  5. BRILLIANT! Room for one more? Workshops sound AWESOME! ♥

    Good luck Sioux

  6. Mmmm! Glad I cheated!! Hope the plants found another home! Chrisx


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