Saturday, 13 June 2015

Holiday in rural Normandy

We have just spent 10 days away in France, some of it in Brittany but most of it in Normandy.

Looking back at the photo's it seems it had a lot to do with food and drink!
We (Me, SB, and our friend JB) sailed to Roscoff overnight and enjoyed a meal in the great restaurant aboard the Pont Aven ;)
We were meeting up with the rest of the 8 sharing the gite the day after landing.

A little detour just after landing to Carantac where we had an early morning coffee in a quirky tabac/cafe. Yikes it was a bit on the strong side!

Next stop Morlaix for some breakfast but we ended up just having another coffee and a little shop in a wine place....;)

Onwards then to Dinan......our overnight stop.
We needed an early lunch at this we did!
Galvanised buckets for the mussel shells we were about to devour.

I love, love, love Dinan (I've only ever been to Paris for a few days (was not that impressed for some odd reason....I know....shocking!! lol) and so this was my first taste of real France.

 A wander around the town later and we ate in an atmospheric place in the evening.

Victor Hugo supposedly stayed in our hotel and there are quotes above the beds.
We had a nice breakfast in the hotel and went to the market to buy some cheeses for our week long stay....we had a little list of stuff we had to buy so we went to a supermarket just outside Dinan and had a field day looking at all the great fresh produce....our supermarkets need to learn a thing or two I think (it was the Intermarche chain if you are ever that way) :)

It was another 3 hours to get to our very rural part of Normandy.....a little place called La Foret would never have heard of it if you had never been!!! Our gite was 2 kilometres from there......very peaceful but not so handy for a jaunt to a bar etc :)

Thanks for looking, I'll share a little more later
xoxo Sioux


  1. you do enjoy your breaks, and your food and drink... but I love reading about them, so keep them coming!

  2. Looks wonderful - thank you for taking us on holiday again! Jo x PS My hubby didn't think Paris was as good as he'd expected either!

  3. Looks amazingly romantic :D XXX

  4. Brittany and Normandy - fabulous! Loved the photos, brought back some memories of when my boys were younger! More soon I hope!! Chrisx


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