Monday, 4 May 2015

IW 9 Man in Black!

Had some fun again for the ninth Inspiration Wednesday.

Did not have a face stencil so I made my own :)
Wasn't prepared to spend extra money on some special medium that, when painted over gesso, makes watered down acrylic react like watercolours....I just attached some watercolour paper to the pages and hoped for the best, in the end it was not quite a watercolour reaction...why I did not just use watercolours I don't know! ;) lol

Front of inclusion

Back of inclusion

What did I learn this time?
1. Love the contrast between the colourful side and the dark side! ROFL

2. I need to make more of my own stencils.

Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux
P.S. I've been trying to get this published via my phone but it wasn't having it! It's been saying it's publishing it for over 40 mins!!!
I am off out to meet my honey (it's the second anniversary of our meeting each other ;))
I'll sort it when I get back if there are two posts!!!!


  1. This is fabulous! Your stencil looks so good and yes - a brilliant contrast! Enjoy your 'meeting'! Chrisx

  2. Have a great time!! The stencil worked beautifully and the pages are both fabulous.

  3. Yes indeed you need to make stencils, this one is unbelievable
    Cannot believe 2 years have gone by since that awesome day

  4. I too love making my own stencils, but yours is amazing by comparison :D XXX


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