Saturday, 21 March 2015

Wedding card

Happy weekend!
We are at a wedding this weekend and of course I made a card.
You might think "I've seen that before somewhere!"
Well you are not going mad you have seen nearly the exact same one here.

I can't seem to improve on this design...
...I really like it and the couples I have made it for do too!

This time though I made a little gift card voucher holder to go with it...
...except it actually has some money inside.
It uses up the "scrapling" sized piece of card you get when you cut a square card from an A4 sheet.

The sentiment is from Chocolate Baroque stamped on a distress inked background that is actually a digital item....I took a photo of the original inked piece 'cos I loved the colour combo I can print it out and use it anytime I like! :)

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. Beautiful card and gift card holder.

  2. Love both the card and the gift folder. Hope you've having a wonderful time. (and that it's warmer than it is here!!)

  3. It is a lovely card and I'm not surprised that it is a hit! Hope the weather was kind to the happy couple! Chrisx

  4. If it ain't broke....fabulous design, and love that sentiment :D XXX


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