Saturday, 7 March 2015

IW #5 She rose like a phoenix!

The fifth Inspiration Wednesday had me wondering if I'd complete it...
...or for that matter even start it!
But as I got stuck in and started making the masks I began to enjoy the journey :)
Front view of inclusion

Rear view of inclusion 

As I started to put the strips of material down to make a nest like Donna did they just sort of turned into flames instead... helped that I had cut up bits that were in the red spectrum ;)...
...I added some Viva copper crackle stuff to the flames too, but only thinly so there was no crackle but that's O.K.

Next time I do the masking/stamping of the bird thing I need to make a thicker layer of modelling paste as the outline got a little lost so I lightly coloured the whole bird with some Viva Inca Gold copper and outlined it with a black pen.
Sentiment "Light your own fire!" (my own design) from The Artistic Stamper
Flowers also from The Artistic Stamper along with Tim Holtz ones.
"She rose like a phoenix" printed out on paper and glued with multi matte medium (Ranger)

What did I learn this time?
1. Making the masks for the bird and wings was great fun (although it was not part of the lesson!)
2. Making a skin...?! What the....? Well that was fun too! Definitely going to do that bit again :)

3. Adding cloth to a page makes some great texture.

4. Galeria sand texture gel does not hide anything underneath it as it dries have to mix colour into it or as I did quickly dollop more texture paste over the top!

e.g. The yellow colour here is the sand gel and not any other colour on top.
But if I had actually read the label it would have told me this!!! ROFL !

It came out O.K. very nicely thank you, even if I do say so myself!
At least I don't have to plait sawdust now!!! ROFL
Although I can't get that idea out of my head and who knows I just might end up trying it!!! ;)

Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux


  1. The colours and textures are amazing. I love your theme and the way you thought it through including the happy accident bits. What a journey, as they say

  2. It's turned out so beautifully! I love your hand cut masks

  3. This is fab Sioux and it looks like you had fun making it xx

  4. Can only see this small on my phone today but wow! The colours and textures look great even at this size!! Onwards and upwards!!! Chrisx

  5. Yummy lumpiness...I too have been "feeling the phoenix" recently...must be something in the air :D XXX

  6. Looks really fabulous at "proper' size Chrisx


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