Tuesday, 31 March 2015

12 tags of 2015 March

Having been in agony from a torn deltoid muscle in my right arm since Christmas there has only been so much I have been able to do!
It has just got to a point where I am not fighting pain every day....crikey I only wish I knew how I damaged the muscle in the first place 'cos I do not want it to happen again!!!!

Anyway this month's tag from T!m just had to be done...only just in time though huh....and yes, I have caved in and bought the butterfly...had to....lol ;)
Managed at last to actually cut a mask from T!m's special self sticky masking sheets! Just know I will be using this butterfly again ;)

Thanks for looking.

P.S. As it was barely possible to fasten my bra some days during the last three months I decided to invest in a front fastening one...seemed a logical thing....except.....have you seen the designs? Not a lot of choice basically.....and the lady in M and S tried to sell me one that had a zip in the front (nice look that ....showing through a blouse!) and looked like a vest it covered so much up!! Another thing....why are they made in humongous sizes that would support a small country?!!! ROFLIA

In the end I just left my bra off on the days that were impossible! Rofl.
xoxo Sioux


  1. Wow, I love your tag, the colours are wonderful. Sorry to hear about your arm. I had a frozen shoulder several years ago so know how you feel. Take care.

  2. Your tag is fantastic. Sorry about your painful arm. I had 10 months of agony with double frozen shoulders about 5 years ago and could fasten my bra. I am now used to fastening the darn thing at the front and turning it round to the back. Mind, it only stays on for about 6 hours cos I hate the things, makes wearing elastic waisted pants a must though ROFL. Hope it improves soon. Xx

  3. A fabulous take on this month's tag - gorgeous colours! The bra comment made me laugh! Sorry about your painful arm though xxx

  4. Oh Sioux - your comment at the end had me laughing so much I had a coughing fit!! Don't know anything about front fasteners but I have tried to buy pretty non-wired bras - darn near impossible - white, black or flesh colour are the choices and not very flattering shaped either - most coming too high to hide in a lower cut top!! Still, Hey! Ho! Your tag is beautiful - I knew you would get that butterfly - it really does look fabulous here! Love your embellies too! Chrisx

  5. Oh Dear - forgot to say - hope the arm gets better soon x

  6. So sorry to hear about your arm. I do hope you find more relief from it soon. As for the tag, it's an absolute beauty and one of my favourites from this month's challenge. Jenny x

  7. Oh for the glorious days Pre-bra.....now I need the ones the size that frightened you lol. As to injured muscle...has you been playing 50 Shades???? Has you??? Naughty girl lol
    Love the tag BTW :D XXX

  8. The tag is gorgeous, given the agony you've been in, even more impressive! Can't remember the last time I looked for a front-fastener but like Chris,I giggled at your closing paragraph!! Hope the pain goes completely, soon - and stays gone. Take care.

  9. Sorry to hear you've been in such agony Sioux, it's only been a few weeks for me, and much better now thankfully.
    Your tag is stunning!
    Hope you're fully recovered very soon.
    Alison xxx


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