Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Valentines Day shared with 250,000 others!

We have spent the Valentines weekend away.

We also spent it surrounded by 250,000 other people! Or what felt like it!

We did know the Karneval was on...

we knew it was popular...

however, nothing quite prepares you for the reality of it!!!

So where do you think we went?
Couple of clues...


...Twin spired Gothic church?

We flew to Cologne!

We arrived mid afternoon Friday and were in need of sustenance so we tried to find a restaurant but the ones we fancied...everyone else did....so they were full!
Hey ho....join in with the rest and have a Kolsch! The lager/bier in Cologne is called kolsch NOT bier....you get funny looks if you ask for simply bier! lol Brauhaus Sion was our first kolsch pub....it was packed and we managed to grab a small table for two.

It's served in small .2ltr glasses in the bars and there are quite a lot of bars and I don't know how many different breweries making kolsch!

Everyone does fancy dress....even if it's only a hat....but most do go the whole hog...

or cow! lol
I'll share some more tomorrow.
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. you have such an exciting life... I think only you could share Valentine's day with a cow drinking kolsch..look forward to seeing the rest of the photos.

  2. Hope you went to the chocolate museum while you were there.

  3. Looks like a fantastic weekend, filled with inspiration :D XXX

  4. Love your photos although the one that made me smile may not be the one you expect - the Eau de Cologne - when I was growing up that was proper perfume - well, that and Evening in Paris! Would like to visit Cologne some day! Have seen these small on my phone so having a proper look now! Chrisx


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