Thursday, 19 February 2015

Last day of Karneval!

Our last day (Sunday) started with going to the service in the Dom.
It was the only chance of seeing something of the interior!

We kept up with most of the service in German...even managed to sing along to some sections!! No pictures though ;(

No chance of seeing the special three Kings exhibit. We did however get a brief look at some of the interior after the service but they soon hurried everyone out of the place and shut the doors!!!

We went for coffee and cake...can't miss out on coffee and cake can you?
Strolled along the river side and gazed at the Rhine.

This section of houses looks almost ancient but they were all modern rebuilds after the war.
We even walked all the way to the Chocolate factory museum but it was inevitably closed!!

The bonus was seeing his neat sculpture on the way...made out of what looked like old tractor parts :)

Across from there was a mustard museum...really just a glorified shop but hey it was open!

It's situated on Holzmarkt.

(Should you ever want to go)
We got a little concerned to see shops boarding their windows up!!!

Another Kolsch was in order...

...before we saw the main parade of the day..they have large viewing stands all around the route. great photo's as I'm so short and there were so many people in front of me!!! lol

We walked a little way more into town and did find a bit of a gap in the crowds to see the next bit of parade.

The procession participants throw candy to the crowds and the little boy in the red jacket managed to grab most of it...his mum was rolling her eyes at I did manage to get one of the roses they throw too :)

We had a great time even if it did not pan out quite how we expected...we left on Monday (the really important parade happens then) but we were sort of glad we did not have to weave our way through the large crowds that were already pouring into the city on the trains, as we waited for our early train to the airport.
We will just have to go back one day....think it will have to be for the Christmas markets next time :)

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. Looks like you had a great time. Shame about the chocolate museum.

  2. Shame so much was shut, seems a real pity - but like you say, and I said yesterday, a good excuse to go back! Hopefully if you go for the Christmas market plenty will be open! Great photos though.

  3. Boarding up - flipping' 'eck! I think it may be a good job you left before the big event!!! The architecture does look great though - so does the cake!!! Chrisx


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