Saturday, 21 February 2015

IW #4 Happy making art!

The fourth Inspiration Wednesday. went quite well.

I had to subsitute burnt umber for raw umber but it seems to look ok.

The blueish washi tape on the long thin tag was purchased in cool to actually use this at last ;)

I don't own any large flower stamps like Donna's...
...I do have my eye on those new flower ones of Tim's though :)
So I made up a little stamped collage element to fill the corner instead.

I had a similar problem to Donna with the quality of words to pick out on the dictionary pages!!! For no particular reason other than they were more interesting than any others, I highlighted...

"weave together"
"observe with care"
"to have faith"
"mental trifle"!!!

What did I learn this time? ;)
1. Ranger Glue and Seal seems to be identical to Ranger matte medium in what it does!
2. You get some interesting effects by removing the colour after you have put it on ;)
3. If you have Golden heavy bodied (thick) acrylic like me (and not the fluid acrylic Donna has) you need to add a LOT of glazing liquid to make it thin enough to make a washy effect....I had to rub like mad to get the colour off because it was so thick ;) lol
4. A very soft pencil can double up as a charcoal one at a pinch....but it won't make a mark on Ranger matte medium!!! I had to outline the highlighted words with a bit of gesso, let it dry, then use the pencil over this and blend!!!

Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux


  1. I love your finished spread, Sioux! that stencil you've used is one of my favourites.

  2. Wow, this is full of lovely textures and interest. Havea great weekend.

  3. These pages are stunning! Love those colours! Chrisx

  4. "Mental trifle"!!!? I so need to know how that phrase appears in a dictionary lol. Fabulous pages :D XXX


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