Thursday, 6 November 2014

Sweet Amsterdam

I found the last post about Amsterdam lurking in my blog post list and realised I had not uploaded all my pictures to picasa so I uploaded them last night and will document our trip as best I can after all this time!!! lol
The large outer canal and bridge you can walk along on the way to the Hermitage.

As I said yesterday....I would not bother going in the Hermitage unless the exhibition really, really grabs you! But this little cafe/bar nearby was a really nice find. :)

We loved all the little cafe/bars we found....although the ones we did not go in were the sort you could smell a mile off.....if you get my drift!!! ROFL

It goes without saying we had to sample cake whilst we were there!!! ROFL

We were prepared for it being cold...after all Amsterdam is famous for their canals freezing!
However it turned out to be very mild....bit of a theme through the year really! It was also not windy like it was back in England at the time....we missed that luckily! :)

xoxo Sioux


  1. Glad you enjoyed your holiday, must admit I did not like going to Amsterdam. We lived in Holland for a number of years and hubby loved the pea soup (in your photo).

  2. It certainly looks as though you had a good time and good weather definitely makes life easier in a new place! Chrisx


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