Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Up a Mountain - Day 5

I was desperate to get out and see stuff by Thursday.....Doctor B had other ideas but the compromise was we take a trip up the Schafburg mountain on the railway....we would be sitting down a lot and I really felt up to the walk it entailed to get to the station....I felt if I did not exercise my ankle it would seize up completely.

The lakeside gardens near the train and lake steamer station... was scorching again...the sun was bouncing off the white stone pathways and I was so glad we would not be hiking anywhere!
 Pretty houses on the way...

The rail journey is really steep in places

Real leather embossed window pulls with carved wooden bobbins on the end...
...sigh! ;)

We reached the top and had a little climb to the very top 'cos what do  you know?

Yep a beer stop beckoned!!



I can't get over this little lot of photo' new digital SLR really came up trumps with the filter attached...I know they do not look real but believe me they's only the polarising lens that has made these possible.
These are looking over Lake Wolfgang and beyond.

These are looking in the other direction over Lakes Mondsee and Attersee

As it was a bit tricky walking around with my ankle it was time to go back down

 One chap threw himself off the mountain side

 We decided taking the train was to be preferred!!! LOL

 This cloudy picture I took on the way down is actually a swarm of midges!!!
Yikes! There were so many on the way down...where is my repellant when I need it!!!

Walking back to the hotel

 When you pass a konditorei...well it's hard to resist is'nt it?

 The Church of St Wolfgang is close by the hotel so we paid a visit....only some outside shots because you can't take pictures inside...even if your flash is off.
It's very old and worth going in to see if you ever go....amazing.
The story goes that St Wolfgang got the devil to build the church for him in exchange for the first soul to enter the church!
It turned out the first "soul" to enter was a wolf!!!
He is holding an axe because he went up the mountain and flung it off as
"wherever it landed would the church be built".

 Time for a dip in the we did.

Whilst changing for dinner that evening we heard the sound of an accordion and singing... we rushed to the balcony to see...
...these two chaps rowing by the hotel....we squealed with delight :)
Sooooo romantic :)

 End of a perfect day at the White Horse Inn.

See you again for Day 6.
xoxo Sioux
P.S. Perhaps not so romantic was where a midge managed to bite me!!!
How it got inside my bra is unknown!!!


  1. More wow!! that blue sky is incredible - don't now why I haven't got a polarising filter for my camera - I always used to, before I went digital! Anyhow, the trip up the mountain was well worth it, and I am glad your ankle held up!

  2. Another fun day! I do enjoy your travel posts... you are saving me a fortune in holidays! Jo x

  3. Looks like the perfect day-apart from your poorly ankle that is! Lovely mountain top pics! Chrisx


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