Saturday, 4 October 2014

Sunny St Wolfgang Part 2

On the Monday the weather was much rain and sunshine too ;)
We decided to take a lake trip to St Gilgen at the other end of the lake...but we missed the first boat and as it would have been a long wait we strolled to the next stop which meant we would be sailing back to St Wolfgang before carrying on to St Gilgen.

Not much of a hardship there.....and we passed the hotel on the way...our room was on the corner two floors above the terrace restuarant.

It's always civilised in Austria you get a waiter coming round on the boat to serve drinks etc....well how can you refuse?

I tried to capture the beautiful colours of the lake...
before we arrived in St Gilgen.

We both just love wood piles! ;)

Herbst (Autumn) is well and truly welcomed and they love to decorate with natural elements.

A little early Christmas display in a shop that was closed....hey saved me some money! LOL

Lovely wrought iron signs :)

We visited the beautiful church....

...and I know it may seem odd to some people to photograph graves but in Austria graves are usually pretty colourful and these were really well kept....if you are going to spend the rest of eternity anywhere you might as well be here!

By now the day had hotted up and I was beginning to wish I had not put on my long sleeved shirt!
Ice creams seemed in order whilst we waited for the return journey on the boat.

When the waiter came round again we treated ourselves to pretzels (the hard type) and bier.

Walking back to the hotel we saw a super old car.

We were so hot that all we wanted to do was take a dip in the we did!!

Thanks for looking
Day 3 to follow

xoxo Sioux


  1. A lovely romantic setting! Yes the graves do look beautiful and I don't think it's at at all odd! Looking forward to our trip! Hugs Chrisx

  2. catching up backwards as it were, loved these two days trips - literally in some cases, hope you were ok!


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