Monday, 6 October 2014

Salzburg Part 2

Following on from yesterday with part 2 of Salzburg.
This is where you get a bit of a bonus because our trip was a little cut short with my twisted ankle as Mr B insisted I did not walk too far on it
So whilst I'll be writing it as if it's exactly what we did on the day
(we would have relived it all if my ankle had been playing ball!) reality some of it was from last year!

We had a walk in a very atmoshpheric grave yard.....a little more subdued than the one in St. Gilgen but still pretty.

Inside one of the churches.....Salzburg has quite a lot in a very small area :)

There are some fabulous shops in Salzburg including one that sells decorative Easter eggs and Christmas decorations all year round :)

Mozart Kugeln of course (Mozart fitting! ROFL)

Not to mention cake shops :)

Kurbis on the market stalls

We wanted to revisit the Mirabelle gardens

and on the way we had something we had to do...
...last year we walked across the same bridge and saw the love locks on display.

..people who get married in Salzburg will walk here and attach one.... we just had to do that even though we did not get married there but we love the city. :)

The Mirabelle gardens and the famous "Sound of Music Steps"

There is a little conservatory cute :)

Horse drawn carriage rides around the beautiful squares of Salzburg. now it was time to catch an earlier bus home!
When we got back the lion mountain was waiting to welcome us and the lake was twinkling :)

Day 4 to follow
xoxo Sioux


  1. more beautiful photos - hope your ankle improved before the end of the holiday, and didn't spoil it too much.


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