Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Day 4 in St Wolfgang

Day 4 was bright and sunny.....I was on Doctor B's orders to rest my ankle and take it easy!!!
We took time out to lap up the views from our balcony, sit in the sun, read....

and have some of the chocolate the hotel makes....and very scrummy it was too ;)

Took some more photo's of the blissful scenery.

There is only so much time you can spend on your balcony chilling....
or getting hot to be precise because the weather had become rather hot...hot...hot!
Anyway it was time for lunch so we walked just across the way to the next door hotel with its lakeside terrace (above photo too)

 They had some obviously home made lighting on the trees...spot the coat hooks too...
...very quirky...but very cool!

 Mr B had his beloved pike-perch

 I had chicken pieces in breadcrumbs....real chicken NOT nuggets..and not soggy either ;)

Might try this hotel if we ever return to St. Wolfgang

 Equally quirky balconies

A little walk/limp back to the hotel and on the way we saw a stunning dark green hydrangea

Autumn leaf....the colour of which I have never seen before ;)

We had a little rest in our room and then went for a swim....where the hydro jets helped out my ankle.....stunning place to have a dodgy ankle!!! ROFL

More sitting on the balcony and watching the activity on the lake.

Then down for dinner....and where the heck the photo's of the food have gone is beyond me but I do have a photo of the wine we had ;)

Then a nightcap in our room......for medicinal purposes you do understand!?

Bit of cheat here 'cos this is one of those pics I found from last year!!!
More to follow.....

xoxo Sioux


  1. Could only see these and your last post on my phone - glad to be home again to see them bigger! Didn't realise your ankle had cut your trip short! St Wolfgang looks lovely too - especially that hotel, although I must say your view was fantastic! Hope we find those places in Salzburg! Hugs, Chrisx

  2. Wonderful photos, once again! we'll just have to imagine the food...bet it was delicious.


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