Sunday, 5 October 2014

A Trip to Salzburg

Tuesday saw us getting up at a ridiculous time!!! Well it was for me! SH likes getting up's one area that we differ on ;) ROFLIA
It was going to be worth it as we were going to Salzburg for the day by bus....we wanted to relive our trip there last year.

Speaking of which I now realise I did not post any of last years trip after day 2!!! My excuse is I lost most of the photo's and have only just rediscovered them and uploaded them to my online back up!!! So you might get the odd photo from last year mixed in with this year where Salzburg is concerned!!! LOL

First we had to travel to Strobl and change for the bus to Salzburg.....It takes about and hour.
We had had no breakfast so Mr B especially was in hunger mode and as it was still quite early many of the cafes were not open....then I remembered from last year that the Herbst festival is on and there is a great pretzel (the soft sort...which are my favourite) stall near the cathedral.

Yes it was there :) so cheese pretzels and hot chocolate were in order....sounds strange but it was scrummy.
This globe installation was here last year's just outside the large bier tent ;)

We had a bit of a wander through the atmospheric alleys

and found the cafe where we went last year...Cafe Tomaselli was a favourite haunt of Mozart back in the day ;)

It's full of old world must visit if you ever go....the cakes are to die for....they bring them round to your table on a's quite hard to refuse....and believe it or not I tried!!! ROFL :)

By now it was obviously time for a proper breakfast....well we needed to refuel to be able to walk up to the castle.

Cappocino for me and double espresso for Mr B.

Yoghurt with home made muesli(delish)...a platter of cheese and walnuts (we shared) with home made bread and butter...

An omellette for Mr B.

We felt ready for the climb up to the's quite a steep one!

On the way up is the Stiegel Keller....a beer garden for the famous Salzburg bier :)
It's been here since the year dot! Well at least 500 that's impressive.

We reached the castle....

You feel as if there could still be people living there it's so intact.

Whilst walking down some steps to get to this view point...

.....I managed to fall down some steps....
...saved myself from real damage but twisted my ankle in the process.....honestly you can't take me anywhere!!! LOL
So......limping a bit we went to have a look at the little church that is also within the castle walls.

Time to walk down the hill and of course as we were passing the Stiegel Keller again we just had to visit ;)

A couple of beers as we were pretty hot by now....
....and it's hard to believe but this pan of cheese spaetzle (a kind of Austrian dumpling/gnocchi) defeated Mr B....
even though it was really tasty...

I had a bowl of lovely kurbis soup

We enjoyed our rest at the keller and carried on down the hill passing more great buildings on the the eagle peering at the horse ;)

Think I would like a room in these colours :)

Here is where I am going to finish for today at it's getting rather long and I think Salzburg deserves a part 2 :)
xoxo Sioux


  1. Now I am getting excited - Salzburg is one of our stop offs! I'll be looking out for these!! Thanks for showing! Chrisx

  2. Its years since I visited Salzburg but it still looks as fabulous as I remember! Thanks for sharing the fun, Jo x


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