Monday, 18 August 2014

Your Desire

Today is Mr B's mums 80th Birthday!

She is having more celebrations than the Queen ;) and why not? :)
Friday was lunch with friends
Saturday  - a family get together just outside Salcombe hosted by her sister
Sunday - cake after the service at church followed by Sunday lunch at her favourite pub
Today - an afternoon celebration hosted by friends
Tuesday sees the end of the party season after celebrating with her brother and his wife :)
Crikey I feel fair worn out just reading that little lot back!!! LOL

Mr B and I just could not come up with the right present until we hit on the idea of taking her to the theatre as she rarely goes these days because of transport issues.
We searched the listings for the theatre in Plymouth but could not find anything that she would I made a "Promise of Intent" card instead!

This was inspired by
I haven't used vellum for some time even though I have a stash of pretty lush ones hanging know how it is!!! ROFL

Happy Birthday MUM :)
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux