Friday, 23 May 2014

Wedding ring box

My wedding had a lot of help from T!m Holtz and Andy Skinner too!
The box was one I had originally made whilst taking the "Ruination Book" course....but I never finished it and was always thinking to myself that one day some good use would come of it!

Mr B liked the idea of something to present the rings in/on for presentation and to be blessed.
I also liked the idea but after many hours research/wasting time!....on Pinterest I suddenly thought about using the ruination box somehow....and one thing led to another and it turned into joint project... doing the decoration and Mr B supplying some of the short poems he has written along the way since our meeting and also some new ones in addition.

The poems attached to the lid were printed onto patterned card I designed myself and I used some T!m stamps on a few....if I could find some that were applicable ;)

The poems are held in place with some ribbon and a popper and a little heart tag and pin were added for a bit of decoration :) sigh!

On the outside I designed the label on the computer and printed it out and placed it behind the metal frame from T!m and put lashings of glossy accents on it.

Some ruler ribbon was fastened under this at one side an on the other a buckle was placed.

On the side was one of the metal tags

and on the spine one of the number brads for the date of our wedding ;)

The inside cushion was some cotton wool covered with some of the Eclectic Elements fabric with burgundy ribbon to hold it and the rings in place.

My bridal attendant (can't stand the term matron of honour!! LOL) carried it down the isle to had over to the best man.

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux 


  1. That's absolutely stunning, and a wonderful keepsake of a truly magical love story!

  2. Lovely - she says, wiping tear from eye! What a beautiful way to present the rings! Enjoy the gelatos! Chrisx

  3. Stunning rig box. Congratualtions again.

  4. How fabulous! Great rings too - my hubby went for a Celtic design and really I wish that I had too! Jo x

  5. I don't know what to say, it's just so magical.

  6. just beautiful! Hugs Juls


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