Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mood board

Inside the table booklets are some of the clear pockets you can buy and on one page I decided to do a little mood board amalgamation.

The colour swatch was my nail polish.....I say was because I then decided that my nails needed all the help they could get and I had a professional gel job done on them on Friday and of course they cannot use that sort of nail polish....but I am more than thrilled with the colour they did have ;)

The object beneath the pearl is a rose petal.....I've made confetti cones out of the circular sample of hand made paper and filled them with mainly these colour rose petals (some saved from my Valentine day bouquet) with a few very pale pink ones for a bit of contrast.
The background is some T!m packaging from all the booklets and pockets I bought! I was so happy to use that :) lol
The ribbon is on the bookmarks and the lacy burgundy ribbon is 
being tied to the flower jugs in a bow :)
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. your nails look great, what a fab colour! I love the mood board, another great memento!

  2. Am I guessing this is the colour of your dress???

  3. Can't wait to see photos of your wedding it will look great.

  4. Sioux just wanted to pop by and wish you every happiness… can't wait to see pictures from Saturday bet it will be the perfect day xx


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