Wednesday, 29 January 2014

WOYWW Invites Done!

Two weeks in a row  WOYWW'ers.....give myself a pat on the back!
Don't hold your breath for next week 'cos I already know I'm not going to make it! ;)

All change on the table.....I am in the middle of a 50th card for a work mate. Darkroom Door vintage car stamps, being inked up for the first time since a bought them heaven knows how long ago!!! ROFL

All those twiddly bit die cuts from last week are now safely attached to the wedding invites :)
Went in the post yesterday....don't want to post a picture of them yet as some of the guests read this blog...'s so difficult trying to whittle down the numbers to fit the venue but there is limited capacity...
...and funds come to that!!!!
We already needed to make a split and have some people at the wedding ceremony with canapes and drinks at the church...
...and others who come along for the whole weekend at the hotel!! 

Thanks for looking and now it's time to head on over and visit Julia who has all the desks in the world on show today :)
xoxo Sioux

Monday, 27 January 2014

Weekend Trip

We spent the night at the hotel on Friday where we are having our reception ;)
(Sampling some wine ;) pondering the choice of food, having fun ;) )

It's directly on the beach and most of the rooms have a great view of it...

...afraid it was a bit wet and windy whilst we were there...
...dining room...

...and our fabulous bagel breakfast...

A new piece of art work arrived a couple of days earlier and is on display on the staircase...
(Unfortunately I don't know who the artist is yet...he is someone well known though! Also it really does have that squashed look to's not my lack of photograpy skills!! ROFL)

...loved it....but can't help thinking it might scare the living daylights out of some people! LOL

And talking of the staircase... about a group photo at the wedding with everyone standing on it and looking up?
From that angle it will get rid of any double chins on display!!! ROFL

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WOYWW....I return!!

Yikes and thrice yikes  WOYWW'ers.!!!!....

I've been away so long!

My table is once again seeing action.....

I am in the middle of making our wedding invites ;)
Need to get them in the post by end of the month!

Intended to make a great start on these over the Christmas break but the best laid plans as they say....
...we both got the winter vomiting bug....well at least that's what I think it was!!!
Suffice to say it was not quite the Christmas we had thought it would be ROFL ;)
Anyway both recovered now but did not feel really tickety boo until last week.

That twiddly die cut on the guillotine is a pain to remove from the die even with the slightly helpful layer of greaseproof paper first! After 50 of them I really have had enough of that little task for a while!!! LOL
Now to assemble the elements on the card :)

Thanks for looking and now it's time to head on over and visit Julia who has all the desks in the world on show today :)
xoxo Sioux

Monday, 20 January 2014

It's a 2009 Mystery!

How strange!!!

This morning I had an e-mail from someone who is working on Thorntons marketing team (yes the chocolate people) about the project above where I made a box to put some of their chocolate blocks was posted back in 2009!!! said


My name is Emma Stott and I work within the marketing team at Link Sentinel. I have been reviewing existing links to our client site as part of an on-going SEO review. I have discovered a link on your site linking to us from the following page:

I would be extremely grateful if you would be able to remove the highlighted link above as I feel that this could cause us both problems with ranking in Google in the near future. It would be great if you could get back to me so that we can discuss further.

Emma Stott

Most peculiar...but I have removed the link (I also have removed the link that was in the e-mail that I copied here too!!! LOL)........and also said this

Good Morning Emma,
Well I've removed the link from way back in 2009!!!
Sorry if I did anything wrong but it is the done thing in the crafty world to be nice and provide links to products you use in any projects that you blog about...even if it is chocolate and not crafty goodies!!! ;)
Best regards

Surely no-one is going to be looking at that bit of blogger any day soon?
And does that mean that being nice and doing links is absolutely pointless....I certainly won't be bothering any more unless specifially called to...such as entering challenges etc!!!!

It's a mystery to me ;)
xoxo Sioux

P.S. I know I have been missing in action lately but I intend to show my desk top on Wednesday ;) Those of you who know will know what I mean LOL!! :)