Thursday, 17 October 2013

Romantic Austria Part 2

On our first full day in Zell (it was a Sunday), we decided to take it easy and have a smooch around the lake side and the town.
Our hotel was only 5 minutes from the lake (if that) so that was where we headed first walking from one end of the town boundary to the other.

Stopping for our first beer of the day along the way!

...and admiring the view :)

Heading into town it was very quiet (a bit of a bonus really as the last time I was here (many moons ago) it was heaving with people!)

Admired the buildings

and then SF decided he really, really needed some lunch ;) and something typical of the region ideally....I thought to myself that could be a bit tricky!
Now if I tell you that he does not eat meat at all (although he loves fish so not a strict vegetarian) might see why I thought it might be tricky as the Austrians do love their meat meals ...but in all our time there it was a revelation as there was always something very tasty to choose.
After a brief look see at some of the menu's at different venues...
...(some of them had a bit of a cue) ;)...

We chose this place as there was a wild mushroom special of the day (foraged from the woods)...

SF really fancied that idea and when I told him the translation that swung it!
Herrenpiltz - otherwise known as Steinpiltz - Boletus edulis technical name -
and in English translates as Man Mushrooms :)
Wow! they were fabulous, aptly named I think...very meaty if you can understand that? LOL

I had a warm potato salad with pumpkin seeds and bacon served with garlic bread...although I gave over half the bread to SF!

Talk about scrummy!!

SF was dying to try some strudel so that's what he did (I was being cautious and just had a couple of spoonfuls of his ;))

We then thought it might be a good idea to walk off some of the calories just consumed and headed off to walk up the hill to where one of the cable cars start from.
Whew! It was a bit of an uphill road and I got a bit when we got there we had to get some water and went to sit outside and admire the view.

After we had cooled down a bit we set off back down the hill to town :)

Passing lovely flower balconies...

...and wood piles on the way....YES...we both like wood piles!!! ROFL

Went back to the hotel, swam...enjoyed the different jacuzzi jets in the pool...fabby ;)
Changed for dinner,

relaxed...went to look at the lakeside sound and light display with dancing waters, lasers and a super classical music score...

then went to bed fairly early...ROFL...
...we had to get up at a ridiculous time for our day trip to Salzburg....honest!!! :)

xoxo Sioux
More Austrian delights to follow.


  1. Austria certainly looks beautiful!

  2. Great post and what lovely memories to look back on!!

  3. Been waiting for part 2, Sioux. I know exactly where you had lunch and which cable car you walked too. It certainly is a hike even though we were staying in the hotel Stadt Wein which is about half way up the road, you will have walked past it!
    Love the lake show that looks fantastic.....oh happy memories.
    Are we getting a part 3?
    Hugs Lisax

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  5. Love your account and photos. Hubby tells me that Austria is possibly our next trip - he went to Austria, Switzerland or Italy twice a year when he was younger! I'd never been to any of those so this is a lovely example of what to expect in Austria! Lake views are fantastic and I especially love the flower pictures! Still smiling because I'm so happy for you!!! Chrisxx

  6. Amazing adventure coupled with the odd 'wink' you made your account of it special for us too

  7. wow that sounds and looks wonderful! hope that you're ok xx


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