Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Catch up Post 5

So....here we are at catch up part 5!!!!

...we went to Fishstock a couple of weeks ago and had a full on great day out in town with friends and saw celebrity chefs demonstrate in the kitchens...
(Mitch Tonks)

...there were lots of food stalls selling all sorts of fish and other goodies to eat...

...SF could not resist the scallops...well....neither could I actually! :)

...tables to sit and relax and have a drink...Prosecco with the girls has become a bit of a tradition :)

...craft stalls to visit where I bought my facinator for the Goth wedding I am off to at the end of October! It is just perfect.

...boats to look at...the boys did that bit! ;)

There were lots and lots of great live bands all day from 10 till midnight, although we missed much of that as we all went for a Chinese together!

I have been trying to keep on top of the garden as well and many plants are looking much improved on last year....whoops the fence looks like it needs a fresh coat of preservative!!

I planted some sweetcorn for the first time this year and surprisingly there seems to be the prospect of at least one corn cob...after slugs devastated them and munched their way through 50% of the plants when I planted them!!

...the rhubarb...also new this year looks well...

 ...my banana plant...also much improved ;)

...the sedums...it's the sign that Autumn is on it's way though!

In addition to all this I have also been trying to design our wedding rings ;)

I've already bought my wedding dress, shoes and jewellery! I know...I know....I was not really looking, the dress just popped into my e-mail notifications (it's not even classed as a wedding dress, I got it from Dorothy Perkins believe it or not!!) and the jewellery was just what I wanted too!!!
Nothing like being prepared is there?!!! ROFL

(Sorry, but for obvious reasons I am not sharing what they look like....you will just have to wait till next May...like my SF has to too! :)

Take care and I hope as the nights start to draw in I will find more time to blog and make art!!

Although I start Zumba again on Mondays soon and SF and I are signed up to night classes on Thursdays from October to learn to ballroom dance! It's something both of us have always wanted to do...yet another spooky thing we have in common!!! :)

Sorry again for being absent!!!
I'll try hard not to leave it so long next time ;)

P.S. we have just arrived back from our first holiday together, so there will be photo's of that real soon :)

Sioux xoxo


  1. Fishstock looks great fun! Love the fascinator too - and how prepared are you with all the things for your wedding; but why not? If it's right, it's right...
    Hope you still have time for crafting, with all these dance lessons and other distractions!!

  2. More happy news. Can't be bad. How romantic, ballroom dancing.

  3. Looks like a place to visit! Not sure about the scallops, but the Prosecco sounds good! xxx

  4. Oh Sioux! Reading your posts these days I can imagine your smile as you type - so glad for you - look forward to photos! Chrisxx


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